Buying A House Checking Exterior Wood

Buying A House Checking Exterior Wood

Buying a​ House – Checking Exterior Wood
You need to​ be very careful before committing to​ the purchase of​ a​ house .​
If the house has wood and brick on the exterior, you need to​ consider the following issues .​
Wood Issues
Wood is​ a​ beautiful material, particularly when it​ is​ used on the exterior of​ a​ home .​
Compared to​ stucco and other materials, it​ is​ a​ wonder wood isn’t used more often .​
The reason, of​ course, is​ wood simply doesn’t hold up as​ well as​ man made materials .​
If you are looking at​ a​ home with a​ heavy emphasis on exterior wood siding, trim and so on, here are some things to​ watch out for when evaluating the opportunity .​
1 .​
The first thing to​ realize is​ the appearance of​ wood has almost no relevance to​ the condition .​
a​ perfectly good looking piece of​ wood trim may be infested with termites or​ rotting and you will never know by just glancing at​ it .​
When inspecting wood exteriors, never trust your eyes .​
2 .​
One of​ the biggest issues with wood is​ degradation .​
When looking at​ particular areas, make absolutely sure you physically touch the wood .​
In fact, you are probably best off giving it​ a​ fairly good poke with a​ finger .​
In doing so, you should be looking for soft areas .​
Soft areas are indicative of​ rot in​ one form or​ another .​
Finding rot in​ one area should make you very concerned about finding rot throughout the structure .​
Put another way, you may want to​ start looking at​ other homes on your list .​
3 .​
Finding soft spots in​ wood can be troubling, but there is​ something worse .​
If you poke or​ squeeze a​ piece of​ wood and dust or​ bits fall off, run for the care .​
This type of​ degradation is​ often a​ sign of​ termite problems .​
Termite problems should be a​ huge red flag for any prospective home .​
If you buy the house, you are going to​ have to​ tent it​ to​ kill the bugs and pay to​ inspect and repair the damage done by the evil little bugs .​
In short, you are buying a​ minor, but expensive, nightmare .​
Make no mistake, wood can be very attractive on the exterior of​ a​ home .​
Just make sure you don’t rely solely on a​ visual inspection of​ it​ when deciding on the merits of​ the house.

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