Buying A Home Rain Sun And Weather Issues

Buying A Home Rain Sun And Weather Issues

Buying a​ Home – Rain, Sun, and Weather Issues
When buying a​ home, it​ can be easy to​ overlook year-around weather issues .​
You may think you are purchasing a​ home in​ a​ sunny area, but come to​ find there is​ always a​ heavy cloud cover .​
This is​ just one of​ a​ number of​ weather issues to​ consider when selecting your dream home.
If you must have a​ sun deck as​ part of​ your new home, you better make sure it​ is​ going to​ be sunny! Just because a​ general geographic area has a​ lot of​ sun doesn’t mean your home will .​
Things to​ look for include fog and heavy cloud cover for a​ home in​ a​ valley .​
If the home is​ located on the side of​ a​ hill or​ valley, make sure you know when it​ will get sun and shade .​
Temperatures can be radically different depending upon the amount of​ sun you get.
When it​ rains, it​ really pours! One potential nasty surprise for new homeowners can be the condition of​ a​ neighborhood after it​ rains .​
In San Diego, for instance, the total rainfall averages roughly 12 inches a​ year .​
Despite this low total, there are certain beach communities that grind to​ a​ halt because of​ flooding issues .​
Even an​ inch of​ rain can flood streets to​ the point that you can’t drive at​ all .​
Make sure you stop by a​ gas station or​ local store to​ ask about flooding problems in​ the area.
I have been known to​ enjoy a​ good boating trip and perhaps you have as​ well .​
I​ am pretty sure neither of​ us would enjoy it​ in​ our house .​
Still, millions of​ people a​ year buy homes in​ flood plains without even knowing it .​
Eventually, this can lead to​ a​ disaster when heavy rains come and you find out the reason they call it​ a​ flood plain.
Unlike streets with bad drainage, floods are much more damaging .​
When a​ river overflows, flood levels are typically measured in​ feet .​
Can you image the effect on your home of​ a​ flood that reaches five feet in​ depth? Well, you probably always wanted to​ renovate the first floor of​ your home.
Mother nature has a​ way of​ doing whatever she wants .​
Make sure you avoid her grumpy spells by looking into the effect of​ weather on your prospective dream home.

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