Buying A Home In Rancho Santa Fe

Buying A Home In Rancho Santa Fe

Buying a​ Home in​ Rancho Santa Fe
Homes in​ Rancho Santa Fe
For those who like a​ little more luxury in​ their lifestyle a​ home in​ idyllic Rancho Santa Fe, California is​ just the ticket .​

This exclusive location is​ the favoured home to​ the super-rich and the famous, as​ a​ quick scan through the list of​ past and present residents of​ Rancho Santa Fe's luxury houses, mansion and developments will show .​
It is​ also the highest income community (with at​ least 1000 households) in​ the United States .​
It's zip-code - 92067 - is​ also listed in​ Forbes Magazine as​ being the second most expensive zip-code in​ 2018 .​
Rancho Santa Fe California Real Estate
Rancho Santa Fe properties have to​ be designed within strict restrictions .​
This means that many of​ the houses of​ Rancho Santa Fe cannot be seen from the road-side, due to​ the fact that they sit within large land-scaped grounds and gardens .​

Apart from the downtown area, which exists aroung the intersection of​ Linea del Cielo/Paseo Delicias and La Granada/Via de Santa Fe, the region is​ nearly exclusively residential - the only other buildings being Golf Clubs and Country Clubs .​
All of​ this means that the entire region of​ Rancho Santa Fe is​ a​ beautiful part of​ the world to​ live in, and this makes Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate highly sought after .​
Rancho Santa Fe houses therefore makes excellent investment properties .​
The prices of​ homes for sale in​ Rancho Santa Fe range from condos for sale from just over $500,000 to​ elegant mansions priced at​ well over $8,000,000 in​ the more sought-after sub-divisions .​
Rancho Santa Fe Homes Information
There were 1,204 households at​ the time of​ the 2000 census, for which the median income was in​ excess of​ $200,000 .​
The population is​ broken down as​ follows:
- 25.9% under the age of​ 18
- 2.9% from 18 to​ 24
- 17.7% from 25 to​ 44
- 33.0% from 45 to​ 64
- 20.5% who were 65 years of​ age or​ older
Buying a​ home in​ Rancho Santa Fe
Rancho Santa Fe is​ broken down in​ to​ the following sub-divisions, all of​ which provide their own unique flavour of​ luxury and decadence:
The Bridges
The Crosby Estate
Del Mar C.C .​
Del Rayo Downs
Fairbanks Ranch
The Groves
Hacienda Santa Fe
Las Villas
Rancho Del Lago
Rancho Del Rio
Rancho Diegueno
Rancho Farms Estates
Rancho Glens
Rancho La Cima
Rancho Santa Fe Farms
Rancho Santa Fe Lakes
Rancho Santa Fe Meadows
Rancho Valencia
Santa Luz
South Pointe Farms
The Summit
The Tuscan Estates
Whispering Palms

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