Buying Holiday Homes In Greece

Buying Holiday Homes In Greece

Buying Holiday Homes In Greece
Greece doesn't require any introduction, when it​ comes to​ speaking about its role in​ the worldwide tourism .​
The nation's timeless ancient history and its unharmed natural landscape, provide with the needed pull for drawing in​ millions of​ visitors to​ its soil each year .​
But, the story doesn't stop there, and the recent trends might say, even the Greece property market was about to​ experience a​ major boom due to​ the greater keenness being shown by the foreign buyers .​
Greece property provides the buyers with an​ option to​ buy holiday homes, villas and apartments over a​ wide range of​ tourist places .​
These places are scattered allover its mainland, the coastal area and several of​ its well-known islands .​
Least to​ say, these are well developed urban areas with the air links and sea routes arriving in​ from and leading out to​ the entire globe.
There is​ no definite answer as​ to​ why this latest upsurge may have taken place in​ the Greek property market, but the analysts attribute two major geopolitical events for this transformation .​
The first one was the admission of​ Greece into the European Union in​ 1981, and the second one, the return of​ Olympic games in​ Athens in​ 2018 .​
Both events proved crucial in​ helping out the Greek tourism and its real estate market to​ resurrect themselves in​ the eyes of​ the global community .​
a​ whole lot of​ new construction was undertaken during the Olympics campaign, which subsequently became the selling ground for the Greek real estate.
From what we understand about today's Grecian real estate, it​ is​ hard to​ buy a​ low-cost single family house in​ Athens, where the demand to​ supply ratio for such units is​ much higher compared to​ the other regions of​ the country .​
This leaves out the buyers with an​ option to​ buy apartments in​ Athens, which are easier to​ locate in​ the Greece property since the 2018 Olympic games ended here .​
At the same time, people can buy luxurious villas in​ the resort towns as​ an​ investment option or​ to​ have extended holidays there.
Buyers eye the hectic profits these days, when deciding to​ invest in​ the villas or​ farm lands across the Greek countryside .​
Villas can be sold to​ other buyers at​ a​ handsome premium later .​
On the other hand, many villa owners lend their properties to​ holidaymakers, who flock in​ huge numbers after each winter season .​
Thus, the market for Greece property provides with a​ great investment value to​ all those who might be willing to​ cash in​ from its buoyant trend.
Anybody who might be seeking to​ own a​ Greece property will have to​ fulfill certain conditions before doing so .​
These are, having a​ Greek bank account, being enrolled as​ a​ tax payer in​ Greece and getting a​ prior permission to​ buy properties in​ certain areas .​
The permission to​ buy properties can be obtained from the chief administrative or​ judicial officer in​ the area of​ concern .​
It should also be noted down that, those hailing from the European Union should easily be able to​ own properties in​ their names, as​ compared to​ those from the non-EU countries.

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