Buying Guide For Cheerleader Uniforms

Buying Guide For Cheerleader Uniforms

Every 4 years, the alumni board of​ the high school where Mrs. Jenson came from elects a​ batch of​ officers. Having worked in​ civic projects in​ the past, the members voted this woman to​ be its president.

The school had a​ heritage of​ winning the all state cheerleading computation for as​ long as​ anyone can remember. Given that the uniforms are one of​ the things judges look at, Mrs. Jenson decided to​ improve on it​ as​ one of​ the priority programs for the coming school year.

There was just one problem. Mrs. Jenson didnt know where to​ begin. Luckily, two members of​ the alumni were part of​ the cheerleading team in​ high school and were willing to​ help out make this plan come to​ life.

There are many types of​ cheerleading uniforms. The tops of​ some are long sleeved while others are sleeveless. Some schools prefer to​ wear skirts for better movement than the pants.

The first thing Mrs. Jenson did was talk with the members of​ the cheerleading team. The insights given as​ well as​ the styles used in​ the past were compared together in​ order to​ come out with a​ design that has never been used before.

The next step was to​ check out the stores that make these uniforms. Some can be found online while others in​ the neighborhood gave out catalogs. in​ both cases, a​ minimum order was required before any deal was signed and production can begin.

For anyone who is​ in​ the same situation like Mrs. Jenson, the friends gave a​ list of​ questions to​ serve as​ a​ buying guide when talking to​ a​ prospective supplier.

1. Will there be an​ additional charge if​ the client wishes to​ have longer skirts made? This is​ necessary for those who are tall in​ the team.

2. What type of​ material is​ used in​ the uniforms? Since basketball and football games go on throughout the school year, it​ will be a​ good idea to​ have uniforms made of​ 100% polyester since these are able to​ last longer than those made of​ cotton.

3. Are the uniforms treated with some chemical to​ make this stain proof? The colors of​ these sometimes fade after a​ few washes and it​ will be best if​ these look as​ good as​ new every time the team has a​ show to​ perform.

4. Many cheerleading uniforms hug to​ the body. Can the supplier do this at​ the same time provide flexibility to​ those wearing the suits?

5. The designs of​ many of​ these outfits are very similar. The only difference is​ perhaps the color. Will the individual charge extra for letterings or​ patches to​ reveal the schools name or​ logo?

6. if​ the school decides to​ order from this establishment, will there be an​ additional discount given in​ the future if​ another transaction happens?

7. Will the supplier go to​ the school to​ get the measurement of​ those in​ the team or​ will a​ list of​ specs just be brought to​ the owners office?

8. Should any problem occur with the uniforms, can replacements or​ alterations needed be given free of​ charge?

Surely, the supplier will be able to​ answer all these questions. The only way to​ check if​ the person can deliver is​ by having a​ sample made. Should this pass the requirements set by the board and the costs are reasonable, a​ deal can be made.

The organizer should realize that not all companies can give this in​ the way that was planned. Some will only be able to​ make the top or​ the bottom while the other details have to​ be outsourced elsewhere.

The school held the tryouts in​ the summer. of​ more than 40 who applied, only 24 were accepted. Since the minimum requirement was 28, the school decided to​ have 4 more made for those in​ the training pool just in​ case substitutions were needed.

After 3 months of​ planning, Mrs. Jenson accomplished the task of​ getting new uniforms for the schools cheerleading team. The board thanked the women who were involved in​ the project that was also well received by everyone in​ campus.

By sticking to​ a​ guide when reaching out to​ suppliers, people like Mrs. Jenson and others will be able buy the outfits for those in​ the cheerleading team.

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