Buying Gently Used Baby Clothing

Buying Gently Used Baby Clothing

Remember that adorable outfit you bought for your newborn - the one that cost you nearly $40, and got worn three times before it​ no longer fit? For such tiny things, baby clothing is​ expensive - and as​ fast as​ babies grow, they seldom see much wear. For parents on a​ budget, those are potent arguments for cutting costs where you can when dressing baby.

Designer duds for baby DO make sense though - and by designer, I mean the elite in​ the baby design field: OshKosh and Baby B'Gosh, Carters, Sweat Pea and other top-of-the-line baby clothing manufacturers. They concentrate on the little details that cheap clothing manufacturers skimp on - little details that make a​ major difference in​ fit, appearance and comfort. You want to​ take advantage of​ nice, flat seams that don't irritate, and nylon snaps that don't scratch or​ pull through fabric. But you don't want to​ pay $30 for a​ sleeper!

The answer is​ shopping around for gently worn using baby clothes and checking with friends and relatives for outgrown hand-me-downs. Yard sales are a​ great source in​ the spring and summer months. You'll often find great clothes that are barely worn in​ sizes for the next couple of​ years. Check the newspaper for upcoming yard sales - baby clothes are often one of​ the advertised items.

Another great place to​ buy designer baby clothes at​ rock-bottom prices is​ a​ good consignment shop. Strike up a​ relationship with the owner, and she may even put aside items that she knows you'll love and give you a​ call to​ let you know what she's got. in​ addition, you can often sell the same baby clothes BACK, or​ trade them in​ on the next size up when baby outgrows them.

How about a​ place to​ get gently used baby clothing for the cost of​ the gas to​ go pick them up? is​ a​ national movement of​ community bulletin boards who are committed to​ the concept of​ 'one man's junk'. Check to​ see if​ there's a​ chapter near you, and join up. Seldom a​ day goes by that someone doesn't offer a​ few bags of​ baby and children's clothing in​ various sizes. The quality varies, but the younger the baby, the more likely that the clothing is​ still in​ excellent shape.

Don't overlook church and community thrift shops as​ sources of​ good, well-cared for baby clothing. if​ there's a​ Junior League thrift shop in​ your city, you'll find beautiful clothing for baby at​ bargain basement prices.

When you do pick up used clothing for baby, launder it​ as​ soon as​ you get it​ home. Pretreat stains if​ there are any, and wash with a​ gentle laundry soap meant for baby. Add borax to​ the water for extra whitening power, and be sure to​ rinse at​ least twice if​ you use bleach. By the time you're done, you'll have one of​ the best-dressed babies in​ town - without breaking your piggy bank.

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