Buying A Fishing Reel

Buying A Fishing Reel

When buying a​ fishing reel, it’s most important to​ know what kind of​ reel you will need depending on what kind of​ fishing you will be doing. There are mainly three different types of​ reels and knowing the basics of​ each will be a​ great help when going to​ look at​ reels.

The closed spin cast reel is​ the most popular type of​ reel on the market. This is​ probably because it​ is​ also the easiest type of​ reel to​ use, which makes it​ really great for beginners or​ those that don’t wish to​ spend a​ lot of​ time on their fishing line. This reel keeps the line fully enclosed, causing less tangles in​ the line. it​ is​ also very easy to​ cast due to​ the fact that this action is​ completed simply with the push of​ a​ back button. This type of​ reel is​ best used when fishing for smaller fish. They are very light and not that expensive, either.

An open face spinning reel is​ for those that have some experience in​ fishing and can manage the reel with little trouble. Experienced fishermen seem to​ prefer these types of​ reels because they have more control over the fishing line. They are easier to​ use than bait casters but are still very accurate. The drawback to​ this type of​ reel is​ that they can become tangled easier than closed spin cast reels because they do not line up with the fishing line. When looking at​ buying them, these types of​ reels fall right in​ the middle of​ the price points of​ other reels.

Bait casters are the most difficult type of​ reel to​ use. However, they are sometimes more preferred by those that spend a​ lot of​ time in​ or​ on water because they have many advantages for those that can use them effectively. They handle heavy line very well and they are also the most accurate and the easiest to​ control. They do come with some backlash so a​ lot of​ practice is​ needed when learning to​ fish with a​ bait caster. They are also the most expensive type of​ reel to​ buy.

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