Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying An Engagement Ring

So you think you want to​ take your relationship to​ the next level? Are you considering marriage? if​ you answered, "yes" to​ both questions then you should be getting ready to​ make another important decision … the engagement ring.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is​ a​ diamond ring. There are many styles of​ diamond rings to​ choose from (not to​ mention the cut, color, clarity, karat and shape). All of​ this can seem overwhelming to​ even the most love struck suitor. if​ you can follow a​ few basic rules; do a​ little detective work and ask some questions then you can take most of​ the headache out of​ this decision and be well on the way to​ the perfect diamond.

Cost is​ probably the first thing to​ consider when purchasing an​ engagement ring. Most etiquette states that the groom to​ be should spend two months salary. Although this is​ not a​ hard and fast rule it​ can be a​ good starting point.

Making sure the ring is​ the correct size for you fiancé-to-be is​ also crucial. What could be more embarrassing than popping the question and then finding out the ring is​ way too small for the finger. a​ good way to​ avoid this dilemma is​ to​ take a​ ring out of​ her jewelry box and have the size checked. if​ you aren't sure this will work or​ your significant other doesn't wear rings then you could stop by a​ jewelry store in​ the mall and have her fingers sized. to​ avoid giving away the possible surprise be sure to​ have more than just the ring finger on the left hand sized, though.

When considering the type of​ diamond you may want to​ do a​ little detective work. Ask friends (hers not yours) what they think she likes. Perhaps she has already had this kind of​ conversation with her friends in​ the past. if​ not then maybe one of​ her friends would be willing to​ ask a​ few "innocent" questions and get back to​ you. Also, family can be a​ good source of​ information as​ well. Just a​ little effort to​ this regard can pay off big dividends in​ selecting an​ engagement ring. Besides you who would know what she likes best … her friends and family, of​ course.

It is​ important to​ remember that selecting the ring is​ one of​ the most important decisions in​ the engagement process, but don't let it​ overwhelm you. if​ you consider the size and cost of​ the ring, do a​ little research and ask a​ few questions then you are well on your way to​ making the perfect decision for the perfect engagement ring. Now you are ready.

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