Buying Discount Watches Online

Buying Discount Watches Online

When buying a​ discount watch on the internet their are several things one needs to​ watch out for. if​ you are buying a​ brand name watch like a​ Casio, Timex, Citizen, Seiko or​ even a​ higher end Watch Like an​ Omega or​ Movado make sure that the company you are purchasing from is​ reputable. See if​ they offer any kind of​ a​ return policy as​ well as​ any kind of​ warrantee on the watch. Many discount watches online these days are knock offs or​ gray market watches which do not carry a​ warrantee by the manufacturer.

Cheaper brands like Timex and Casio are usually gray market goods which means that they do not carry a​ manufacturers warrantee at​ all, therefore it​ is​ important to​ see if​ the online site owner offers any sort of​ a​ warrantee at​ all. if​ the watch does come directly from the manufacturer then you don't have to​ worry and if​ any trouble arises you can then just send the watch in​ for repair or​ replacement. Their is​ a​ lot of​ gray market goods on the internet especially Ebay. The watches are the same quality as​ what you would get from the maker directly. What is​ done is​ that buyers will bypass the watch company directly and approach the actual factories. By buying from the factory direct they can get a​ much better price. The quality is​ the same. The only draw back is​ that you do not have a​ warrantee therefore if​ the watch is​ defective you are not covered by a​ manufacturers warrantee. Usually the way you can tell if​ the watch his gray market is​ by the price. if​ you go and look on the internet use something like froogle and see what the current price seems to​ be. Anyone undercutting that price by a​ great deal is​ usually selling gray market or​ knock off watches. if​ you think about it​ this way everyone is​ selling to​ make money so if​ someone is​ selling at​ a​ price that is​ so greatly reduced that they cant possibly make anything you should be asking yourself why.

Finding a​ higher end watch at​ a​ discount online can be quite tricky, it​ is​ actually easier to​ find a​ knock off. Most of​ your high end watch companies like Rolex, Movado, Omega, Rado and Tag do not allow selling of​ their product on the internet, therefore many of​ the online sites that sell these higher end watches will sell the watch to​ you, but before they do they will take the serial numbers off to​ hide where the watch came from. Since most of​ the higher end models have unique identifying serial numbers on them. They can be used to​ track the watch back to​ a​ particular watch seller. Since a​ lot of​ the hihger end makers don't want the product sold on the web they will go and make purchases online to​ see if​ they can track the watch back from the account that it​ came from which will get the account closed. For this reason the serial numbers are removed. in​ doing this the manufacturer will not honor the warrantee. if​ you decide to​ buy one of​ these watches online make sure the site you buy from offers a​ warrantee. Most will offer a​ 3 year warrantee which replaces the one of​ the manufacturer.

So if​ you do want to​ buy a​ watch online at​ a​ cheaper price please make sure you look at​ these factors so you are not disappointed by your purchase. Lately knock offs have become very popular and they are a​ viable alternative to​ buying a​ high end watch. You can get a​ good knock off for 2 to​ 300 dollars. Most of​ them even come with a​ 2 year warrantee. I have seen a​ few of​ these and they are difficult to​ identify as​ a​ fake unless you are a​ horologist you will not be able to​ tell the difference until you actually crack the case open.

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