Buying Chainsaws From Auction Sites

Buying Chainsaws From Auction Sites

One source for​ affordable chainsaws can be on line auction sites. Often you can save quite a​ lot of​ money shopping the​ auction sites for​ a​ chainsaw. First, try to​ know what you are looking for. Research the​ brand and​ what the​ retail price is. Decide whether you want a​ gasoline or​ electric chainsaw and​ what size chainsaw you want or​ need. at​ the​ same time you need to​ be flexible. if​ you are looking for​ Brand A, but a​ comparable saw from Brand C is​ on an​ auction site for​ less money, grab it.

You can really get bargains at​ these sites but there are a​ few things you need to​ watch. You may find a​ new in​ the​ box chainsaw and​ the​ starting bid is​ low, however it​ can quickly rise well above the​ retail price. People get caught up in​ the​ bidding and​ will just keep raising the​ ante in​ the​ quest to​ win.

Even if​ you win a​ bid at​ or​ close to​ the​ retail price, you still have to​ pay shipping and​ there is​ also almost always a​ no return policy. if​ however you are not satisfied with your purchase and​ think you can prove they buyer deceived you, you can file a​ complaint with the​ site and​ they will attempt to​ resolve the​ situation.

At least one of​ these sites has sellers that run “stores” on that site and​ some of​ them will allow you to​ return items that are unsatisfactory. We bought a​ factory reconditioned saw with full factory warranty at​ slightly below retail price. Recently we found a​ similar offer for​ a​ gasoline chainsaw on one of​ these auction sites. Keep your head, compare prices at​ the​ auction sites with retail prices and​ stick to​ what you budgeted for​ a​ chainsaw.

Buying Chainsaws From Auction Sites

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