Buying A Bridesmaid Cheap Dress

Buying A Bridesmaid Cheap Dress

Bridesmaid, the maid of​ honor, is​ the next important to​ the bride herself. She not only stands next to​ the bride but also carries her flower basket and takes care of​ all the needs of​ the bride. Bridesmaid is​ usually a​ close friend of​ the bride or​ a​ young cousin of​ hers.

Tips to​ buy a​ perfect bridesmaid dress cheap but classy

A bridesmaid dress should be one that complements the bride and her dress in​ all ways. While buying the dress there are lots of​ bewilderment, to​ avoid this keep in​ mind the following –

1. Colour – the rule of​ thumb for buying a​ bridesmaid dress is​ that it​ should complement the bride’s dress. The bride is​ the focal point of​ the evening, so this should not be distracted by anything flashy on the bridesmaid dress. Traditionally a​ bridesmaid’s dress is​ sober white. to​ give a​ formal look, choose an​ immaculate white and black. The bridesmaid will look stylishly elegant in​ this. to​ give a​ romantic look to​ your young bridesmaid, choose a​ white dress laced with black, or​ a​ black wrap. Apart from these colour that are forever traditional and dramatic, soft pastel colours like cream, baby pink, soft sea blue, lilac are much in​ vogue.

2. Fabric- this aspect of​ the dress is​ very important for it​ decides the fall and the comfort. to​ get the perfect fall for the bridesmaid dress, go for chiffon, crepe or​ georgette. Heavy stuff is​ a​ strict no-no. Fabric should be smooth and comfortable on your body. You should be able to​ carry it​ off. Selection of​ fabric heavily depends on weather, the time of​ the year when the ceremony is​ to​ be held. Summers call for lighter fabric while for winters silk is​ good, though silk dress will be on a​ costlier side. For a​ cheap bridesmaid dress that looks splendid, there’s a​ tip – TRY a​ NORMAL FABRIC DRESS WITH SILK LACE or​ SEQUINNED WORK at​ NECK. This will not only be different but also simply classy. Wrinkle free fabric is​ more comfortable.

3. Place of​ wedding- in​ today’s era, when couples are experimenting with very new places to​ get married like underwater or​ sky, this aspect holds great importance. For a​ ballroom wedding, dress can be flowy but on the contrary for a​ beach wedding, length of​ the dress needs to​ be cut short and fabric drip free.

4. Length of​ dress – you can choose between floor length or​ tea length dress. Now this decision rests primarily upon two factors – (a) Age of​ Bridesmaid – a​ very young girl, may not be able to​ carry floor length dress and trip over to​ create a​ pandemonium on the final day. Also for a​ beach location wedding, a​ tea length bridesmaid dress is​ the best. Decide on the length keeping these factors to​ avoid any embarrassing situation.

5. Style – though the traditional style is​ a​ one piece evening gown. But following the contemporary styles, much in​ vogue is​ a​ two piece dress. it​ can be a​ mix ‘n match of​ contrasting colour. Play around with colours a​ little but as​ long as​ you feel comfortable. Do not overdo it.

6. Accessories- in​ the anxiety to​ buy the perfect bridesmaid dress, we usually tend to​ forget the accessories. But GOOD SELECTION of​ ACCESSORIES CAN MAKE a​ CHEAP BRIDESMAID DRESS LOOK PRICY and that’s the trick.

(a) Jewellery – keep them simple. a​ pearl set looks classy or​ you can simply try danglers to​ dramatize the look.
(b) Flowers – match the colour of​ your dress with flowers. it​ will greatly accentuate the complete look.
(c) Shoes – comfortable shoes of​ the right height is​ the key to​ a​ good dress. a​ biting shoe might force you to​ sit through the dance party and that for sure will be utterly miserable.

It’s not the price of​ the dress; it’s how you carry it. Use a​ little creativity of​ your own to​ personalize and instantly your bridesmaid dress will be beautiful.

Buying A Bridesmaid Cheap Dress

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