Buying The Best Clubs For Beginners

Buying The Best Clubs For Beginners

A new set of​ clubs for beginners is​ really not necessary; in​ fact the higher end clubs can be a​ hindrance on your game. Golf is​ unique in​ the fact that the sport requires a​ group of​ instruments, and equipment to​ play in​ full. Many sports like baseball or​ basketball just require a​ few items that are used by an​ entire team. Golf being an​ individual sport this aspect changes into a​ need for the right set of​ clubs.

Golf clubs are broken down into sets of​ complete or​ incomplete, as​ well as​ irons, woods, drivers, putters, wedges, and hybrids. Golf clubs can be purchased in​ any combination of​ the above, but typically for beginners it​ is​ good to​ start with the entire set. Also women's clubs are sold as​ sets, but typically differ from men's clubs in​ size. Golf clubs in​ sets typically come with a​ bag that has stands on it, so it​ can rest on itself while you are taking your shots. Also golf sets occasionally will come with tops for the heads, as​ well as​ towels, umbrellas, and even balls.

Golf club sets can be purchased at​ a​ number of​ places. in​ order of​ price, most expensive to​ least, you can buy clubs at​ a​ pro shop; this will be your most expensive option. You can also buy clubs at​ sporting good stores, or​ golf specialty stores. For those bargain shoppers you can purchase a​ full set of​ clubs at​ Wal Mart, or​ even your local thrift store. For the internet shopper's eBay offers a​ great selection of​ new and used golf club sets.

The cost for a​ set of​ clubs can vary from less than $100 for an​ entire set, to​ over $10,000 for the high end clubs. Typically golfers can buy a​ decent set of​ clubs for $400 depending on where they are shopping. High end clubs are often bought in​ singles, thus making it​ more costly to​ purchase a​ set. One driver can cost over $1,000 at​ a​ local pro shop.

The term you get what you pay for isn't true in​ the world of​ golf clubs. Unlike cars, or​ computers, typically golf clubs can be beneficial at​ a​ low cost. Further, many prefer cheaper clubs, or​ used clubs, because they offer a​ more standard weight and grip. Golf clubs are uniquely made out of​ several different materials, and can vary depending on a​ user's preference. The cheaper clubs have a​ level feel to​ them, and don't offer too much of​ any one element. if​ a​ beginner spends a​ large amount of​ money on an​ ultra light driver, it​ could be too light for them to​ learn the basics of​ their swing, this actually prohibiting them from learning the basics.

Overall it's important to​ start off with a​ modest set of​ clubs until your game advances to​ levels that call for new clubs. Plus with all the money you save you can buy your significant other a​ set, and make a​ date at​ the course.

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