Butcher Block Kitchens Pros And Cons

Butcher Block Kitchens Pros And Cons

Butcher-block counter tops and tables give a​ beautiful effect to​ any modern kitchen. The woods used include Maple, beech and ash. if​ you are giving your kitchen a​ makeover then think about replacing laminate top work surfaces with butcher-block ones. Butcher block is​ made from strips of​ wood glued together to​ look like one solid piece.

The natural variation present in​ any wood gives interest and beauty to​ the surface. Work surfaces made from solid wood are never going to​ date, they just ooze quality and you do away with all the disadvantages of​ laminates. No more scratches, no more scorch marks or​ stains.

Maintenance of​ butcher-block tables and surfaces is​ what concerns most people. More maintenance is​ required than for marble, granite or​ laminate. Wood is​ porous, so the surface should never be left wet. Bacteria from meat and other foodstuffs will flourish if​ the surface is​ not cleaned adequately after each use.

Wash down with a​ dilute dishwashing solution after every use, then rinse this off and dry the wood thoroughly. After cutting meat or​ chicken on your butcher-block surface you should wash the surface with a​ 10% solution of​ a​ chlorine-based bleach. Leave the bleach on the surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse and allow it​ to​ dry.

You will need to​ oil the surface with clear paraffin oil occasionally, just wipe the surface with a​ little oil on a​ cloth, leave it​ for about an​ hour, then wipe off any excess oil.

It is​ not a​ good idea to​ cut on your surface because it​ will soon be damaged, no matter what coating is​ applied. Buy a​ butcher block chopping board for this purpose, treat it​ in​ the same way, but the cutting board is​ easily replaced or​ sanded down and resealed if​ it​ is​ damaged.

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Butcher Block Kitchens Pros And Cons

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