Burglar Alarm Equipment

Burglar Alarm Equipment

Basic Burglar Alarm Equipment
Security and​ disaster alarms are no longer new to​ most people .​
These devices have already been available for​ quite some time now and​ have been continuously innovated .​
These deterrent instruments are usually found in​ business establishments .​
The very reason for​ installing such devices is​ for​ protection of​ properties against attempted burglary and​ destructive disasters like fire.
Banks and​ jewelry shops are examples of​ businesses that need high security .​
By using burglar alarms the​ security that these businesses need is​ met .​
In fact, they are being required by their insurance companies to​ have the​ most complex and​ effective burglar alarm that they can have .​
The higher the​ security needed the​ more complex the​ burglar alarm must be .​
Burglar alarms that are installed in​ homes use the​ basic principle of​ alarm system .​
By simply using the​ electrical flow, alarms can be triggered to​ sound when conditions is​ met .​
For example, for​ a​ close circuit alarm, when the​ door opens, the​ current flow powers the​ sounder .​
Contrary to​ the​ open circuit alarm because when the​ current is​ cut, the​ alarm sounds .​
There are only three main parts or​ major equipment a​ burglar alarm has .​
These are 1) the​ control panel, 2) signaling device and​ 3) detectors .​
These parts are being interconnected for​ it​ to​ work .​
There are systems that uses radio frequency, infrared, and​ the​ like in​ order to​ connect one part to​ another .​
The system that uses radio transmitters and​ receivers is​ called the​ wireless system.
Control Panel
A control panel is​ the​ central processing device of​ the​ system .​
It is​ where you program the​ system to​ work according to​ the​ specifications of​ the​ home or​ building .​
It is​ also where you can turn on, turn off or​ reset the​ alarm system .​
The control panel can be accessed using remote keypads .​
All specifications of​ a​ control panel may differ according to​ the​ prerogative and​ design of​ the​ manufacturer .​
The detector zones can be programmed in​ the​ control panel so whenever the​ detector receives unusual frequencies, the​ control panel processes it​ and​ let the​ sound device alarm .​
a​ control panel also contains a​ memory chip that stores the​ user’s settings .​
There are other features that a​ control panel may contain .​
It can be found in​ the​ user manual or​ specified in​ the​ product brochure.
Signaling Devices
These burglar alarm equipment make sounds whenever condition is​ met for​ it​ to​ alarm .​
a​ sounder may be a​ bell, a​ buzzer or​ a​ chime .​
Most commonly the​ sounder that is​ being used for​ burglar alarm systems are those that are loud enough and​ that can cause panic on the​ burglar .​
These days, sounders are already partnered with a​ strobe .​
a​ strobe is​ a​ special lighting device .​
It has a​ lamp inside that is​ mounted in​ such a​ way that it​ rotates as​ the​ sounder sounds .​
The most common colors used for​ the​ strobe are red, blue and​ yellow .​
Speech dialers or​ telephone relays are also part of​ the​ signaling equipment .​
Detectors are also called as​ sensors .​
These equipments are responsible for​ reporting unusual movements to​ the​ control panel .​
There are several types of​ detectors that are used for​ a​ burglar alarm system .​
Here are some of​ the​ commonly used detectors:
• Magnetic Contact Detectors – this type is​ usually used in​ windows and​ doors .​
These devices are mounted in​ the​ edges of​ the​ doors and​ windows .​
• Infrared Detectors (passive infrared) – these are basically used to​ detect motions or​ unusual irregularities in​ the​ place .​
This can also be used to​ detect temperature changes and​ smoke .​
• Vibration sensors – these devices are quite more sensitive than the​ magnetic contact detectors because a​ little vibration from the​ window or​ door can be interpreted by the​ device as​ unusual and​ may possibly trigger the​ control panel to​ sound the​ alarm .​

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