Bull Dog Terrier

Unfortunate Impressions on​ Bull Dog Terriers
People might be wondering why there is​ such a​ name as​ bull dog.
Originally,​ Great Britain and later,​ America were obsessed with bloody fights between bulls and dogs .​
The main function of​ the​ canine is​ to​ hang on​ to​ the​ bull's neck and worry the​ poor animal until it​ dies .​
Obviously,​ these dogs had developed great strength in​ their jaws.
Among the​ popular choices of​ dogs for this sport were the​ pit bulls .​
Back then,​ the​ selection of​ pit bulls was so varied that many showed a​ variety of​ characteristics that made the​ sport highly interesting .​
Later in​ the​ life of​ the​ sport though,​ the​ center of​ attraction switched towards the​ fight between pit bulls and not against the​ bulls themselves .​
From these canines rooted most of​ the​ bull dog terriers that we know of​ today .​
One of​ the​ significant bull dog terriers we have is​ the​ American Staffordshire Terrier who is​ of​ great interest since it​ possesses intriguing seemingly opposing characters .​
They project strength and physically power but they are not vicious .​
In fact,​ this dog is​ very much associated with its relationship to​ its family,​ especially among children .​
The physical features it​ has are now only due to​ their basic nature and orientation during their bloody fights as​ fighting machines .​
But this does not negate the​ fact that they can sometimes show aggressiveness which may somehow work against them .​
Nevertheless,​ this can be set off with their loving nature and devotion to​ human family .​
Thus,​ it​ has a​ stable temperament which make them good pets and excellent watchdogs.
AmStaff terrier,​ as​ it​ is​ called by its shorter name suffers in​ reputation though since it​ is​ commonly associated with pit bulls .​
These dogs are known for their love for challnge and are therefore employed in​ illegal dog fighting .​
Most of​ the​ problems root from irresponsible training .​
Sadly,​ there are too few AmStaff that are properly trained .​
And what's even depressing is​ that there are innumerable pit bulls that are continually ill-treated by sadistic owners.
We are often confused of​ what true pit bulls are .​
In fact,​ many contend that these dogs must not be called by that name since it​ elicits unwanted images of​ gory dog fights .​
While this breed is​ not yet officially recognized by the​ American Dog Breeders Association or​ the​ United Kennel Club,​ the​ legitimate name remains to​ be American Pit Bull Terrier.
While it​ is​ true that American Pit Bull Terrier is​ violent in​ nature,​ this doesn’t imply that they are made purely for brutal stuffs .​
As we have earlier said,​ these dogs are only products of​ maltreatment and exploitive training (and inhumane) for self serving purposes .​
Otherwise,​ American Pit Bull Terriers can be very people loving .​
These are also known for their being hardworking on​ which they excel from .​
They are also fond of​ excessive physical activities that would exhaust their power reserves .​
Thus,​ this breed is​ great for those who need company during athletic training .​
If you​ are the​ couch potato personality,​ please find another breed of​ dog that would suit your lifestyle.
To clear things off,​ American Pit Bull Terrier are not officially recognized not because of​ its ill reputation but mainly due to​ beliefs that it​ is​ not a​ purebred .​
One major standard for a​ dog to​ be distinguished as​ member of​ Kennel Clubs is​ that it​ should be purebred .​
Until more comprehensive findings on​ its origin are found,​ this dog will remain unfortunately tagged as​ nasty.

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