Building Web Communities With Free Forums

Building Web Communities With Free Forums

Looking for​ somewhere online to​ meet new people, discuss hobbies, plan events, or​ just have fun chatting? Internet forums have been around for​ some time on the​ web and​ often are free and​ easy to​ setup. Forums are basically online discussion web sites where people share information and​ chat grouped around a​ set of​ topics. One example might be a​ local photography club. You could setup topics around types of​ cameras, locations for​ shooting, local events and​ meetings, printing tips, etc. Often there are administrators and​ moderators that help to​ keep the​ discussion orderly and​ on topic.

Some items to​ consider when starting an​ online forum include…

Cost – Often you can find them for​ free. There will probably be some advertising on the​ site, but don’t most sites now a​ days?

Features – Does the​ forum support avatars, private messages, user levels, themes, etc.

Security – is​ it​ possible to​ create forums that only register users can post in? Helps to​ avoid those spammers.

I cannot stress the​ last one enough. You should be completely able to​ control who is​ in​ your forums. One bad apple spoils the​ bunch. On that same note, it​ is​ common for​ a​ forums to​ have moderators. These are people that help enforce the​ rules in​ the​ forum. Make sure your choose your help wisely. When it​ comes to​ administrators, there should only ever be one. Administrators have the​ keys to​ the​ city and​ can set your forum ablaze.

Finally to​ make a​ forum a​ success you need to​ attract people to​ it​ to​ join. Obviously if​ it​ is​ for​ a​ church or​ some other established group, this is​ relatively easy. Tell your friends, family, club members. if​ you are starting from scratch, do the​ same. Tell people, show people, invite people. Check to​ see if​ your forum site is​ listed in​ search engines like google. Once you get past that initial setup and​ recruitment your will soon be on your way to​ having a​ forum that you and​ your friends can enjoy.

Building Web Communities With Free Forums

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