Building Wealth Through Joint Ventures

Building Wealth Through Joint Ventures

Almost every one of​ today’s billionaires built their empires on a​ joint venture of​ some sort. in​ the​ past, joint ventures were built on mergers, friendships, networks, and​ alliances. the​ internet has introduced join venture companies which work to​ join web publishers with products they can sell.

The fundamental principals behind joint ventures makes solid business sense. it​ is​ often cheaper to​ pay a​ content rich website a​ percentage of​ sales, or​ a​ fee for​ inbound traffic, in​ exchange for​ exposure.

Content rich websites are hard to​ manage, expensive to​ build, and​ are usually out of​ date within months. Adding content weekly can cost $8 - $15 an​ article. Managing a​ 1000 page content rich site, including newsletter, forum, blogs, and​ community can be downright dehabilitating.

That is​ why the​ web works to​ join content rich web sites with small businesses ventures. But, like everything, there is​ a​ right way to​ form a​ venture, and​ a​ wrong way.

Affiliate Programs

One of​ the​ most popular is​ the​ affiliate programs run through Commission Junction, Click Bank, and​ Amazon’s fulfillment program. These let the​ web publisher choose the​ products they want to​ promote. in​ return, the​ small business receives a​ ‘pre-selling’ tool, and​ increased traffic.

However, not all web publishers are equal. Many do not understand the​ finer points of​ pre-selling. They believe their only purpose is​ to​ create a​ ‘place holder’ on the​ web for​ the​ ad to​ appear on.
This makes it​ frustrating for​ the​ small business owner who pays for​ thousands of​ clicks but makes relatively few sales.

Most businesses throw up their hands after a​ few months and​ cry, ‘Is there something better?’
The answer is​ a​ simple – Yes.

Joint Ventures

There are thousands of​ joint venture opportunities out there. There are probably less than a​ dozen legitimate ones. Most of​ them, priced way beyond what a​ work at​ home professional can afford.

This forces work at​ home professionals to​ do things the​ ‘old fashion’ way. Take time to​ surf the​ web. if​ one or​ two websites offered a​ great ROI (Return On Investment) for​ your PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign, then visit the​ website.

If the​ website includes a​ forum, blogs, new content, mailing lists, then the​ small business person found a​ gold mine. Contact the​ web publisher and​ ask them if​ they would be interested in​ a​ Joint Venture.

The odds are good that Google is​ not paying them something equivalent to​ what you are paying the​ PPC program. if​ Google is​ charging $.50 per click, and​ the​ monthly cost is​ $100.00 then offer the​ publisher $50 - $100.

In many cases, some of​ these publishers are happy to​ receive a​ guaranteed $20 a​ month.


Freedom to​ surf the​ website and​ look for​ the​ best content management sites can dramatically increase their ROI.

Some of​ the​ biggest content management sites have their own advertising fees. This can make life easier, but there are ways to​ offer publishers more value.

Add Value

One way to​ add value is​ to​ ask the​ publisher whether there is​ anything you can sell for​ them. Many web publishers can easily whip up a​ book. Adding it​ to​ your ‘package’ can improve their desire to​ help you sell, and​ give them more links.


The success of​ a​ joint venture program is​ wrapped up in​ the​ contract. if​ the​ venture doesn’t require a​ legal contract, then contemplate using a​ service like where you can work together, using the​ Adbrite platform to​ keep track of​ data and​ help build wealth.

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