Building Up A Network Of Web Experts

Building Up A Network Of Web Experts

Are you hoping to​ earn some decent money via the​ internet? Are you looking for​ a​ person or​ company to​ build you a​ website? Are you looking into ways to​ promote your website? Would you like to​ see an​ increase in​ traffic to​ your website? These are all questions to​ which a​ couple of​ years ago I would have answered yes to. I now have built up a​ network of​ people who I always use to​ help me in​ these particular fields.

In my opinion it​ is​ very important to​ establish a​ network of​ contacts on the​ internet. These people should be honest, charge a​ fair price, be willing to​ help and​ give advice and​ be happy to​ work quickly with good communication.

A few years ago I started to​ develop an​ interest in​ the​ web and​ thought that it​ would be a​ superb way to​ promote my speech coaching business. I must admit that at​ this point I knew nothing about the​ ins and​ outs of​ the​ net and​ did not know anybody who could build or​ promote a​ website.

I spent quite a​ long time phoning people who were advertising in​ places such as​ the​ yellow pages, the​ newspaper and​ of​ course the​ internet itself. the​ prices some of​ these people quoted were a​ lot higher than I could afford. I now have come to​ realise that these prices were basically a​ rip off as​ I have now met some brilliant web designers who are happy and​ willing to​ build a​ website at​ far cheaper rates.

As an​ example a​ contact of​ mine now builds me a​ type of​ information portal site for​ £150 plus free lifetime hosting. an​ example of​ one of​ these websites is​ at​ I have been working with this contact now for​ a​ number of​ years and​ he is​ extremely reliable and​ has taught me a​ lot about how the​ web works etc.

I have also met other contacts who are experts in​ website promotion. I have learnt a​ lot from these people and​ would now like to​ think of​ myself as​ some kind of​ expert. I now think that I know quite a​ lot about how to​ promote and​ a​ market a​ website. I have around eighty sites myself, which I constantly attempt to​ attract more visitors to​ each of​ them.

The way I attract this additional traffic is​ by attempting to​ build up the​ amount of​ one-way backward links to​ each site. One way of​ doing this of​ course is​ by writing articles like the​ one you are reading. This writing can be quite tiresome but there are sites such as​, who are happy to​ help you with this project.

In conclusion, be careful not to​ pay over the​ odds for​ web design, web marketing or​ web promotion. Meet and​ build up a​ network of​ web experts who you can learn to​ trust and​ establish a​ long term business relationship with.

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