Building Financial Security Steps 4 To 6

Building Financial Security Steps 4 to​ 6.
4 .​
Learn to​ Set Goals
Most self made, successful business people and investors have achieved their success by planning to​ do so.
They have set goals for themselves and achieved them .​
They invest time in​ reading and learning about wealth creation and are happy to​ learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences, as​ well as​ their own .​
They set goals, and realise that they will be far better able to​ achieve them if​ they familiarise themselves with the ways in​ which other people acted and the things that others have done to​ succeed .​
Wealthy people create wealth by carefully utilising the income that they have available to​ them to​ their best advantage .​
They know that working harder and longer hours is​ not the way to​ achieve financial freedom, instead they have to​ utilise what they have, and make it​ grow.
Having a​ goal enables you to​ focus your energies on devising ways to​ achieve it .​
When someone makes a​ decision and begins focusing on achieving a​ specific goal (and even better in​ a​ specific period of​ time), the powerful subconscious mind goes to​ work and begins playing with ideas and developing strategies of​ various ways to​ bring about the successful completion of​ the goal.
When you set yourself a​ goal both your conscious and subconscious start working on it​ and begin to​ develop an​ action plan .​
You will begin asking yourself questions about what needs to​ be done to​ enable you to​ reach your goal .​
Many find themselves coming up with amazing ideas and solutions to​ problems or​ obstacles that have been in​ the way of​ achieving their goal .​
The subconscious is​ an​ extremely powerful tool .​
The more often you remind yourself of​ your goal, the more your mind will work on ways for you to​ achieve it .​
Some people find answers come to​ them when they are asleep and dreaming.
Have you ever noticed that there is​ no correlation between being wealthy and having a​ high IQ or​ a​ university degree? If there were, every doctor and university graduate would be wealthy, and as​ statistics show, most of​ them end up in​ the same situation as​ 95% of​ the population.
Setting Goals helps you to​ focus your energy on developing workable strategies .​
Setting long term goals helps you look at​ the big picture .​
Once you can see the big picture, you can develop small sub goals .​
Sub goals are small simple goals that can be followed one step at​ a​ time .​
When you progressively achieve your sub goals, you will get closer and closer to​ your major goals .​
Goals are simply plans to​ succeed .​
It is​ said that if​ you Fail to​ plan, then you plan to​ fail .​
Goals help you keep motivated .​
Progressively achieving your goals can lead to​ a​ wonderful feeling of​ fulfilment.
5 .​
Learn how to​ Budget .​
Budgeting does not have to​ be tedious .​
All you need to​ do is​ to​ work out:
What your incomings are .​
What your regular outgoings are and then make sure that all of​ your other expenditure is​ less than the amount remaining .​
This will allow you to​ start saving and investing .​
Budgeting puts you in​ control of​ your finances.
6 .​
Learn about investing – in​ particular about property investing .​
Learn to​ research the property market, so that you will be able to​ purchase properties that will not only give a​ good rental yield, but they will also return the best capital growth possible .​
Read investment books .​
Read auto-biographies of​ successful people .​
Speak to​ people who have succeeded in​ doing what it​ is​ that you want to​ do .​
The more you learn, the easier it​ will be to​ recognise a​ good investment.
Find out about Negative, Neutral and Positive gearing – and why gearing is​ an​ invaluable tool, which will enable you to​ build up a​ wealth base in​ accelerated time, compared to​ if​ you only invested your own hard earned dollars.
Once you have educated yourself and understand why investing in​ property is​ such a​ powerful tool, you will be able to​ embark on the road to​ financial security.
In Australia, and many other countries less than 5% of​ the population reach retirement able to​ support themselves, without government or​ family assistance .​
If you want to​ be one of​ them, then now is​ the best time to​ start striving toward financial security.

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