Building Email List Based On Permission

Building Email List Based On Permission

Building Email List Based on Permission
The biggest challenge for email marketers is​ to​ build a​ cost effective list .​
This is​ because at​ least thirty percent of​ the email addresses change on most lists .​
Therefore, marketers have to​ go for a​ more aggressive approach in​ order to​ expand the list and to​ get more significant investment returns .​
Taking permission is​ the basic key to​ maintaining a​ almost constant email list, along with other steps .​
Permission is​ certainly not the optional thing .​
If permission is​ not taken it​ means direct landing up as​ a​ spam complaint or​ even greater, breaking the U.S Law for spamming .​
The sign up form should be featured on every web page .​
No opportunity should be missed for turning the visitor into a​ subscriber .​
Subscription value can be enhanced by adding sample emails, screenshot of​ an​ email, testimonials and good copy on the sign up and registration page .​
To attract more number of​ subscribers, incentives can be offered upon signing up .​
The incentives can be as​ small as​ white papers and as​ big as​ special discounts .​
Incentives increase the conversion rates to​ great extent .​
Today everything is​ becoming search engine optimized .​
Therefore it​ is​ the need of​ the hour to​ optimize the website in​ order for the website to​ land in​ first hundred search result .​
The current and archived web pages and newsletters must be optimized for increasing the traffic rate of​ the website and subscription rate .​
Search services such as​ Google AdWords can be made use of, for including subscription link on the landing page and for promotion of​ the website .​
Opt-in check boxes must be added on the demo requests, registration forms and white papers .​
This increases the conversion rates by at​ least fifty percent .​
Very simple method to​ increase new subscription is​ by including the ‘Send-to-a-friend’ option .​
If the current subscribers find an​ email interesting, there are greater chances that the email be liked by their friends too .​
And if​ they like the emails, there is​ an​ even greater chance that they will subscribe to​ receive future emails .​
Email subscription can also be encouraged by print ads, catalogs, direct mails, radio and television .​
Employees can be directed to​ include the ‘Subscribe to​ the company’s newsletter’ link in​ their signature lines .​
The sales employees and customer support can ask customers whether they would like to​ receive promotional email, in​ appropriate situations .​
Sign up forms can be distributed at​ seminars and public speaking engagements and presentation on newsletters can be given at​ such locations .​
Permission can be taken to​ include opt-in forms in​ trade show lead generation forms so that booth visitors can subscribe .​

If the postal information of​ the customers is​ in​ the database, post cards can be sent to​ them which ask them to​ subscribe to​ newsletters .​
Sign-ups can be promoted in​ transactional and confirmation emails .​
It is​ optional to​ include opt in​ link on receipts of​ credit card, product registration cards, invoices and warranty .​
The company’s email and newsletters can be promoted in​ other company’s publications .​
Sites and industry directories can also be used for promotion .​
Product shipping boxes are the next important place to​ include the opt-in form .​
Many catalogers and retailers even include promotional offers of​ non-competing companies .​
Newsletters which have topical articles can be used for press release, along with information such as​ how to​ subscribe and content being offered .​
This option is​ useful to​ smaller companies .​

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