Building A Client Network Through E Mail

Building A Client Network Through E Mail

E-mail marketing is​ an​ easy, effective, and​ affordable way for​ today's businesses to​ reach their customers and​ grow their own businesses.

For example, a​ newsletter allows you to​ develop interest in​ your company while demonstrating your expertise and​ depth-your biggest assets as​ a​ small business. Sending an​ e-mail newsletter keeps your company in​ the​ mind of​ your growing network. Plus, good e-mail newsletters are frequently forwarded to​ friends of​ the​ recipient, thereby growing your network even further.

So, how do you get started?

First, figure out what interests your audience. Listen to​ them. What do your customers ask you about when you discuss your business? Chances are, for​ every customer who asks a​ question, there are ten others with the​ same question.

Observe what your customers actually read. the​ fabulous thing about e-mail marketing is​ that everything is​ trackable. Once you get started, your reporting results will tell you which articles interest your readers.

You can also give your readers an​ easy way to​ provide feedback, so you learn even more about what interests them and​ what they would like to​ hear about.

Give away a​ little bit of​ free advice to​ help your readers. Give people something to​ think about. You don't need to​ be the​ world's expert on a​ topic. Just be your customer's expert. Give them something that could be helpful to​ them.

Every newsletter should have short features or​ quick info-nuggets. You could even give them a​ way to​ see other articles that you found interesting online. Keep a​ file of​ article ideas and​ getting started will be easier.

Organize your contact database and​ get permission to​ add contacts to​ your mailing list. Then begin collecting new contacts with permission. No one likes to​ be added to​ a​ mailing list without his or​ her knowledge, so tell people you plan to​ add them to​ your e-mail newsletter list and​ let them know they can unsubscribe at​ any time.

Next, find a​ marketing service that's a​ good fit for​ your business. a​ good e-mail marketing service will provide list management services (opt in, unsubscribe, dedupe, etc.), newsletter templates (HTML formatting, table of​ contents and​ more) and​ mailing, delivery and​ reporting functions.

Using the​ right service is​ inexpensive, easy to​ use, and​ will ensure that you look highly professional when you send out your newsletter.

An e-mail newsletter is​ an​ investment that pays off and​ it​ doesn't have to​ be a​ full-time job.

A monthly newsletter is​ desirable but a​ quarterly one can be a​ great way to​ get started. Once you're in​ a​ rhythm, your e-newsletters will practically write themselves.

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