Build Muscle Without Weights

Do you seriously want to​ build muscle without weights? This is​ something which some people will say is​ impossible,​ but it​ can definitely be done if​ you take the​ time to​ learn the​ right methods. Here are the​ basics you need to​ be able to​ build muscle without weights,​ from right now.

It is​ even possible to​ build muscle without weights with the​ traditional simple forms of​ exercise – exercises which need no special equipment,​ and which can be done anywhere. These include such exercises as​ sit ups,​ press ups etc. These are no going to​ turn you from a​ weakling into a​ champion bodybuilder,​ but if​ you are not used to​ exercising your body,​ they can be a​ great way to​ start. as​ with any form of​ exercise,​ you need regular workouts to​ see results.

Although these general exercises are beneficial,​ to​ see real results you will need to​ concentrate on​ specific muscle groups. This is​ the​ best way to​ build muscle without weights. Building up the​ biceps,​ which is​ a​ common starting point amongst aspiring bodybuilders,​ is​ not easily done without weights. Probably the​ best way of​ going about this is​ just to​ use something in​ place of​ the​ weights,​ such as​ cans of​ food. Put the​ cans into a​ bag,​ and you have a​ makeshift weight to​ lift.

Every bodybuilder wants to​ work their chest,​ as​ this is​ what gives the​ appearance of​ a​ well built body. to​ effectively build muscle without weights for your chest,​ the​ muscles called the​ pectoral muscles,​ one of​ the​ simple possibilities is​ to​ make regular press ups harder to​ do. One easy way of​ accomplishing this is​ to​ put your feet up on​ a​ chair,​ making all the​ weight go in​ to​ your arms. You will find these a​ lot harder to​ do than the​ standard press up,​ so be prepared.

The shoulders will definitely benefit from basic exercises such as​ press ups,​ and even more so from inclined press ups. One way to​ go beyond this is​ to​ add pull ups. So many people find these exercises hard to​ perform,​ so they definitely have the​ potential to​ build muscle without weights. to​ get the​ very best results from your pull ups,​ you will need to​ widen your grips,​ so that the​ weight is​ concentrated in​ the​ shoulder area. This will make sure that the​ effort you are putting in​ gets the​ best possible result,​ by being directed to​ the​ right area. it​ is​ hard work,​ though.

It is​ certainly not difficult to​ start to​ build muscle without weights,​ and you can start this way without needing to​ invest in​ gym memberships or​ home equipment. Click the​ links below for some great extra resources.

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