Build Confidence With Strategies That Really Work

Build Confidence With Strategies That Really Work

Wouldn’t it​ be grand if​ we could just wake up in​ the​ morning, brush our teeth and​ put on our confidence for​ the​ day?

Well, for​ those of​ us who don’t have a​ drawer full, here are 4 simple strategies that will help you build confidence.

1. Accentuate the​ positive.

Be your own best friend. What do you tell a​ friend who’s tried something new, whether or​ not it​ turned out well? at​ least you tried something new- good for​ you!

Accentuate the​ effort it​ took in​ doing something, rather than the​ final outcome. (You’d do it​ for​ your best friend, wouldn’t you?) We all have limitations. the​ key is​ to​ accept that you have them without dwelling on them.

2. Don’t be afraid to​ take some risks.

When you are about to​ embark on a​ new experience, do you spend your time worrying so much about the​ outcome you aren’t enjoying the​ moment? if​ you look at​ new things in​ your life as​ a​ chance to​ learn something, it​ opens up the​ possibility of​ you becoming good at​ that something.

If you spend your time dreading the​ outcome, you’ll turn any opportunity there might have been into a​ failure. What’s more, we can’t grow when we are frozen with fear. Don’t set yourself up to​ fail. if​ you do, look at​ number one, again!

3. Use self-talk to​ keep assumptions away.

We all use self-talk. the​ key is​ to​ use it​ in​ a​ way that we don’t form bad thoughts that can lead to​ permanent doubts. Catch yourself using negative self-talk and​ cancel it​ with something positive and​ not based on assumptions!

Build confidence by not expecting perfection from yourself at​ all times. You can only do your very best at​ something. Nobody can do everything perfectly, so why do you assume that you should be able to?

4. Learn to​ rely on your self-evaluation.

If you always rely on the​ opinion of​ others, you’ll always be wondering what they think! That does nothing to​ build confidence - it​ tears it​ down, by giving away your personal power to​ others.

Focus on the​ real you, inside, to​ find out how you feel about your own actions, how you’ve been doing your job, etc. You’ll be developing a​ strong sense of​ who you are.

It’s important to​ remember that no one can be self-confident all of​ the​ time. in​ fact, you’ll build confidence faster and​ easier once your realize that.

Most people with low self-esteem or​ who lack in​ confidence are that way because of​ unrealistic expectations. They expect more from themselves than they do others.

A person with low self-esteem will think nothing about calling him or​ herself a​ ‘stupid idiot.’ They wouldn’t dream of​ saying that to​ someone else. to​ build confidence it’s a​ good idea to​ be your own best friend.

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