Buddy Bracelet Spreads Awareness Of Colorectal Cancer

Buddy Bracelet Spreads Awareness Of Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is​ 90 percent preventable and​ 90 percent treatable when detected early, yet it​ continues to​ be the​ second leading cause of​ cancer-related death in​ the​ United States.

To help spread the​ message about the​ importance of​ early detection, the​ Cancer Research and​ Prevention Foundation and​ its 54 partners have joined together to​ celebrate National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by introducing the​ "Buddy Bracelet," a​ unique and​ powerful way to​ promote public awareness of​ the​ disease.

"Today, in​ a​ sea of​ colored bracelets, the​ blue Buddy Bracelet stands out by creating a​ clever way for​ people to​ take their health into their own hands," said Carolyn Aldigé, president and​ founder of​ the​ Cancer Research and​ Prevention Foundation. "The bracelet spreads the​ message that colorectal cancer is​ preventable, treatable and​ beatable."

Launched in​ 2004 to​ celebrate National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the​ Buddy Bracelet reminds those who wear it​ to​ get screened for​ colorectal cancer. After the​ person is​ screened, he or​ she gives the​ bracelet to​ a​ family member, friend or​ colleague, passing on the​ powerful message about talking with a​ health care professional about colorectal cancer. the​ bracelet then is​ transferred from that person to​ another person and​ so on.

The bracelet's theme, "Wear it, share it, because you care," is​ a​ message that could save thousands of​ lives.

People at​ average risk for​

colorectal cancer should get screened starting at​ age 50. Younger people can help support the​ Buddy Bracelet effort by learning about their families' medical histories, starting a​ dialogue about colorectal cancer with their health care professionals and​ reminding loved ones to​ get screened.

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