Bringing School Spirit To The Home Front

Gone are the days of​ simply displaying school spirit on bumper stickers and T-shirts. Today, many people are finding ways to​ bring school spirit home and display favorite collegiate logos proudly on their homes.

One manufacturer is​ responding to​ this surge of​ school spirit by creating products that sing the praises of​ a​ particular school.

Loyal alumni and sports fans who are considering upgrading to​ a​ more energy-efficient air-conditioning unit may want to​ look into York®, a​ brand of​ the Unitary Products Group of​ York-a Johnson Controls Company.

York heating and air-conditioning equipment has been redesigned to​ display your favorite collegiate logos.

Loyal fans can get condensing unit panels that bear the logos of​ more than 77 different colleges and universities.

The logos are applied to​ painted, customized panels that replace the standard condensing-unit panels on the York Affinity™ series of​ air conditioners or​ heat pumps, so you can proudly display your favorite college logo on the lawn for all the neighbors to​ see.

If you have trouble choosing just one college to​ support, you can select an​ Affinity air conditioner or​ heat pump with a​ choice of​ color options. The units are available with a​ choice of​ seven color panels-standard Champagne or​ Terra Cotta, Jet Black, Stone, Bermuda, Chocolate or​ Gun Metal.

In addition to​ being innovative on the outside, these units are also innovative on the inside.

The Affinity air conditioner features the QuietDrive™ System, which provides energy-efficient, quiet operation and delivers precise temperature and humidity control.

Although distributors stock the logo panels geographically, you can order any available logo through a​ York dealer.

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