Bringing The Porsche Into Your Kitchen

Bringing The Porsche Into Your Kitchen

The beauty and state-of-the-art performance associated with the Porsche is​ now revving up kitchens in​ the form of​ range hoods gifted with clean lines of​ European design.

For years, range hoods have been an​ afterthought when remodeling a​ kitchen. Cabinetry, lighting or​ flooring have traditionally been more important aspects for homeowners to​ consider. However, the latest range hoods, such as​ the Best by Broan WM24 range hood designed by F.A. Porsche, may help turbocharge remodeling efforts.

According to​ the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI), kitchens are a​ main source of​ pollutants in​ the home-a result of​ grease, smoke, moisture and other by-products generated from cooking. Typical family cooking adds more than 40 gallons of​ moisture to​ the air annually and this excess moisture can lead to​ allergy problems and structural damage by encouraging the growth of​ molds, mildew and bacteria. Unwanted odors also are a​ byproduct of​ cooking, lingering for days and soaking into fabrics, carpets and clothing.

The solution is​ to​ exhaust pollutants to​ the outside. a​ range hood is​ the best way to​ do this. The WM24 hood features efficient HVI-certified internal or​ quiet external blower options for exhausting pollutants outside the home.

The composite skin of​ the WM24 helps to​ reduce noise and is​ available in​ metallic red, metallic blue, metallic black and matte aluminum finishes.

Cooking also is​ made easy through the use of​ many other outstanding features. The hood features particulate sensor technology for detecting particles from cooking, providing selectable automatic operation. Another feature is​ an​ advanced air-refresh cycle control that periodically and silently replenishes the environment with fresh air.

Additional special features include Heat Sentry™, which detects excessive heat and adjusts the blower speed to​ high automatically, a​ four-speed, electronic push-button control and flue extension options for ceilings above eight feet tall.

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