Bringing Out The Abdominal Muscles

Bringing Out The Abdominal Muscles

When it​ comes to​ exercises for the abdominal muscles you’re spoilt for choice, there are so many to​ choose from. That’s great but which ones are the most effective is​ the question and in​ what order.
There are many ineffective abs exercises out there, so it​ is​ important to​ spend time and energy only on the ones that will actually work.

Try these effective exercises for RIPPED abs:

Crunches –
Lie on an​ adjustable abs bench with roller pads. Set it​ to​ 30°
Wrap your legs around the roller pads so that your legs are locked into place.
Your head should be lower than you legs.
Keep hands crossed at​ chest.
Raise your head and shoulders off the bench.
Contract your abs for a​ count of​ two at​ the top position.
Reps – 15 12 10 8 8

Hanging Leg Raises –
Hang from a​ chin bar with toes pointing straight ahead.
Raise legs up to​ just above 90°
Hold for a​ count of​ 2.
Return to​ start position.
Don’t use momentum to​ swing your legs up.
Reps – 15 12 10 8 8

Lying Leg Raises -
Lie on a​ 40° angle bench and grab the bench behind your head with both hands.
Raises legs quickly to​ 90°
Hold the position for a​ count of​ 2 while contracting the abs.
Reps – 15 12 10 8 8

Note: You should always check with your GP or​ Health Practitioner before starting or​ changing any exercise program.

Here’s how it’s done:

The above three exercises are done as​ one Tri-set with no rest in​ between exercises. The only rest you have is​ how long it​ takes you to​ walk from one exercise to​ the next.
Do 1 set of​ Crunches for 15 reps followed immediately by 1 set of​ Hanging Leg Raises, then onto the Lying Leg Raises.

Rest for 1 minute and repeat the Tri-set above for 12 reps. Rest again for 1 minute and repeat for 10 reps. Then 8 reps and then another 8 reps. The reps should be performed slowly and with full concentration on bringing out the abs.

That’s it. Do this twice a​ week and you should notice a​ big difference in​ a​ few short weeks. if​ you’re looking for more detail on how to​ Firm and Flatten your Abs then visit

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