Brighton Handbags Information When Shopping For Brighton Handbags

Brighton Handbags Information When Shopping For Brighton Handbags

Brighton Handbags -Information when Shopping for​ Brighton Handbags
The Brighton handbag was added to​ the​ Brighton line of​ stylish accessories in​ 1993 .​
Each Brighton handbag goes through 20 steps during its creation .​
Upon completion of​ the​ process a​ leather patch, embossed with Brighton's statement of​ quality and​ an​ individual serial number is​ added .​
As you can see they really do put their heart into every product they make .​
It is​ for​ this reason the​ company is​ known for​ its heart logo .​
Components for​ some of​ the​ handbags are manufactured internationally in​ countries such as​ France, Italy, Spain, China, Taiwan, Korea and​ Japan.
Brighton handbags are handcrafted in​ California .​
At no time are there more than ten being made at​ a​ time .​
There is​ an​ attention to​ detail followed as​ a​ rule by Brighton craftsmen that is​ an​ exception in​ this industry .​
For example there is​ no tag explaining that the​ 'marks' and​ 'scars' are your guarantee of​ genuine leather-they painstakingly cut around the​ scars- to​ offer you, a​ flawless leather handbag .​
Each handbag is​ individually numbered, and​ is​ registered by its owner .​
Once registered, they are guaranteed .​
The leathers selected are the​ best from all over the​ world, and​ the​ hardware all originally created by Brighton artists and​ craftsmen, sterling silver finished, and​ protected from oxidation for​ everyday use.
The Brighton name has become to​ mean one-of-a-kind jewelry and​ fine Italian leather articles that are adorned with exquisite silver-plated ornamentation .​
Brighton's heart logo fits the​ company philosophy that the​ difference in​ products is​ a​ true attention to​ detail .​
Most of​ the​ items in​ the​ Brighton collection have some unique detail, a​ message engraved on a​ bracelet or​ a​ Brighton handbag with a​ favorite photograph, that gives them special meaning to​ the​ owner .​
This then leaves a​ lasting memory to​ cherish for​ a​ lifetime .​
This has also led to​ many women having their own Brighton collection.
Brighton handbags are available in​ nearly 6,000 specialty stores nationwide and​ 50 all-Brighton stores from coast to​ coast .​
Brighton handbags are not sold in​ department stores or​ on the​ Internet .​
This is​ keeping with the​ owner/president policy to​ only do business with stores with world class customer service .​
This is​ reinforced with a​ 2 year warranty against any manufacturer defects.
A few of​ the​ more sought after Brighton handbags are:
Millie Organizer Handbag
Millie - Style #H90613 Black, #H90619 Chocolate
This lush Brighton handbag classic collection features opulent etched plaques, polished buttons and​ spinning hearts .​
It features a​ 12 hand laced shoulder strap, front zip organizer, contoured pocket as​ front detail .​
An interior pocket system with striped lining completes the​ handbag .​
Measures 11 x 8 x 5 and​ MSR is​ $240.00 .​
Making this a​ favorite among discerning women.
Jodi Reversible Tote
Jodi - Style # H6028R
This Brighton handbag got its idea from Historical American Citrus labels .​
The casual styling is​ accented with enameled floral charms and​ sparkles .​
This is​ a​ colorful and​ fun collection .​
The features include 5.5 handles, reversible, inside zippered pocket and​ a​ magnetic closure .​
Dimensions are 9.5W x 7H x 3.5D with a​ suggested retail price of​ $145.00.
Darcy Ziptop Brighton Handbag
Darcy - Style # H30724
This Brighton handbags has a​ new fashion slant .​
It is​ tapered, simple and​ fashion forward .​
Features: 6 handles, key holder, back pocket with zipper, front pocket with a​ magnetic snap, zip top closure, custom Brighton scroll lining .​
9.00W x 6.00H x 2.5D and​ carries a​ suggested retail price in​ the​ $190.00 dollar range.
Loretta - Tobacco Brighton Handbag
Style # H90785 -
A soft unconstructed shape featuring a​ new fashion color! Features include 9 handles, inside zippered pocket, key holder, 3 divided interior sections (two ziptop closures, one magnetic closure) two side pockets with tabs, back pocket and​ custom Brighton scroll lining .​
1W x 6.5H x 5D sporting a​ MSR price of​ $230.00.
Bella - Black-Chocolate Brighton Handbag
Style #H30519 - Replica Brighton Handbags
Updated, casual classic handbag silhouette featuring two exterior cell phone pockets .​
Features: 12 handles, two inset exterior cell phone pockets, full zippered top, center zippered compartment in​ lining, interior pocket system 14W x 7H x 4.5D Suggested Retail Price: $240.00
Bijoux Quilted Ziptop Brighton Handbag
Bijoux - Black Brighton Handbag
Style # H30713
This is​ the​ Brighton handbags French connection .​
a​ new interpretation of​ a​ Euro design house classic makes this a​ very popular choice .​
Features: 12.5 straps, inside zippered pocket, key holder, ziptop closure, two side pockets with magnetic flap closure, back pocket, along with a​ custom Brighton striped lining, feet on bottom of​ handbag .​
10.5W x 5.5H x 3.5D Suggested Retail Price: $220.00
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