Brief Review Of The Top Maldives Holiday Resorts Part 1

Brief Review Of The Top Maldives Holiday Resorts Part 1

There are a​ huge number of​ resorts in​ the Maldives to​ suit a​ wide range of​ tastes and budgets. Here, we’ll take you through many of​ the popular destinations.

Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives

Angsana is​ located in​ the Ihuru islands (North Male Atoll) and is​ a​ short 14 km distance from the capital of​ Male.

The resort contains 45 villas – some of​ the nice features of​ these include thatched roofs, individual private gardens and pleasant verandas. Guests can choose between deluxe beachfront villas and standard beachfront villas.

Ihuru has a​ great reputation for having some of​ the finest house reefs in​ the Maldives and so is​ a​ good destination for those wanting to​ do a​ bit of​ diving and snorkelling.

The spa at​ Angsana offers a​ wide range of​ treatments including facials, massages and various others.

Asdu Sun Island Maldives

Asdu Sun Island is​ a​ three star resort with 30 rooms located in​ the Kaafu (Male) Atoll.

While it​ may not be one of​ the more luxurious choices, Asdu Sun Island does offer the usual range of​ activities including diving, canoeing, snorkelling, fishing and more.

Additional facilities include a​ reading library where guests can take out books to​ read by the beach plus a​ video hall and internet surfing.

Bandos Island Resort Maldives

The Bandos resort has 225 guestrooms of​ varying types – guests can choose from standard, deluxe, garden villas, Jacuzzi beach villas, and water villas. The resort is​ located in​ the North Male atoll.

Bandos first opened in​ 1972 although it​ has grown considerably since then to​ become one of​ the largest Maldives resorts with facilities to​ match. For example, just some of​ the facilities include tennis courts, a​ coffee shop (and five restaurants), a​ disco & bar, gym & sauna, pool room, a​ couple of​ swimming pools, beauty salon as​ well as​ a​ spa offering massages.

The diving facilities are good with a​ diving school offering diving courses.

Banyan Tree Maldives

The Banyan Tree is​ another luxurious resort set in​ the North Male atoll. The resort offers five different types of​ rooms from standard to​ ocean view villas. There’s a​ choice of​ four restaurant and bars, a​ very good spa, and excellent recreation facilities including diving, snorkelling & deep sea fishing to​ name but a​ few.

Baros Island Resort Maldives

Located in​ North Male Atoll, Baros is​ just a​ 20 minute speedboat ride from Male airport. The resort offers three types of​ accommodation - water villas, baros villas and deluxe villas.

There are several bars & restaurants offering a​ wide selection of​ continental & oriental cuisines.

The recreational facilities at​ Baros are huge, and aside from the standard diving & snorkelling options offered at​ practically all resorts, Baros offers several additional services – badminton, aerobics and cycling are just a​ few of​ these.

Bathala Island Resort Maldives

Certainly one of​ the smaller resorts located in​ the Ari Atoll, Bathala is​ well regarded by divers.

The 4 star resort contains 37 cottages and is​ better suited to​ those who do not plan to​ do much other than laze away.

Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

Biyadhoo is​ located on the Kaafu Atoll (South Male Atoll) is​ a​ four star resort containing a​ total of​ 96 rooms. The resort is​ highly regarded as​ a​ good place for diving and snorkeling. Certainly an​ island for those looking for water sports and activity in​ addition to​ the spectacular scenery that the Maldives offers.

Boduhithi Island Resort Maldives

This club style resort with over 80 rooms is​ a​ particular favourite with Italian clientele. as​ you would expect, this means a​ high number of​ available activities and all the fine Italian dining you can handle. The staff are also predominantly Italian.

Boduhithi is​ located in​ the North Atoll (Kaafu) and has an​ official rating of​ four stars.

Bolifushi Island Resort Maldives

Located in​ the South Male Atoll, about 12km Southwest of​ Male this 4 star rated resort has three types of​ rooms – Boli, Beach Villa and Water Villa.

The facilities are good and offer diving, snorkelling, scuba diving and plenty of​ other activities. There is​ also good Spa.

Club Med Farukolhufushi Maldives

Set in​ the North Atoll, this island resort is​ very good for scuba diving and watersports. The 4-star resort offers a​ wide range of​ facilities and 150 rooms. There are two room types – superior, and superior with balcony.

Tuition is​ available for water-sports including windsurfing and sailing while other activities on offer including kayaking, beach volley, soccer, water-polo and more. The resort also offers a​ swimming pool, spa, arts/crafts workshop, a​ TV/pool room and more.

Coco Palm Resort & Spa Maldives

This five star resort is​ located on the private island of​ Duikolu (Baa Atoll) and is​ approximately half an​ hour via sea-plane from the Capital of​ Male.

The accommodation is​ highly luxurious and there are four types of​ rooms from beach villas to​ the incredible lagoon palace suite.

The resort offers several restaurants and bars, all set in​ highly tranquil locations and also has a​ highly recommended spa.

Activities and diving are also available with a​ diving school and plenty of​ sports such as​ water-skiing, canoeing, surf-biking, sailing & more. Tennis, badminton, volley ball are also on offer and the resort has a​ gym too for the health conscious.

Cocoa Island Maldives

Cocoa Island is​ a​ five star resort in​ South Male Atoll and is​ approximately 30 minutes from Male via speedboat.

The rooms are of​ a​ high standard and come in​ varying types including one and two bed villas, dhoni loft suites and dhoni standard suites.

The main activities on offer are diving, water-sports and island hopping.

Dhonveli Beach & Spa Resort Maldives

Not surprisingly, “Dhonveli” in​ Maldian stands for “crystal white sand”. This is​ a​ five star resort with five different types of​ rooms that is​ located on the North Male Atoll.

The resort has one main restaurant, the Banana Garden Restaurant but also offers a​ sunset bar & coffee shop.

There are several of​ the usual indoor and outdoor recreational facilities available, including “big game fishing” and “adventure cruising”. Floodlit tennis/badminton, carom, table tennis are a​ few of​ the more traditional activities on offer and the resort has a​ gym and spa too.

Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort Maldives

Located on the North Ari Atoll is​ the four star Ellaidhoo resort. It’s quite a​ distance from Male (over an​ hour by speedboat although only 20 minutes via seaplane). Ellaidhoo is​ one of​ the smaller resorts and the whole island is​ around 300 metres long and 280 metres wide.

There are 156 rooms split up into standard, superior and deluxe. The dining facilities include the restaurant, coffee shop and bar.

Diving & recreation activities are available and these include island hopping, snorkelling safaris, morning fishing, an​ excursion to​ Male and more. There is​ also a​ Spa.

Embudu Village Maldives

This four star resort is​ set in​ Kaafu Atoll and the island is​ just 300 metres long. There is​ a​ very easy-going feel to​ the island. There are 118 rooms divided between standard, superior and water bungalow rooms.

As you would expect, the main activities in​ Embudu are diving, water sports and a​ feast of​ additional activities normally found in​ Maldives reorts.

There is​ a​ restaurant, bar and coffee shop serving a​ variety of​ food and beverage.

Eriyadu Island Resort Maldives

Set in​ the North Male Atoll, Eriyadu is​ a​ four star resort that contains 57 superior rooms only. It’s a​ 45 minute transfer via speedboat from the capital Male. It’s a​ 4-star resort.

There is​ a​ restaurant, bar and coffee shop available for guests and there are good diving facilities available as​ you would expect.

Filitheyo Island Resort Maldives

Situated on the Faafu Atoll, Filitheyo is​ a​ five star resort with 125 villas of​ different types.
Filitheyo offers a​ main restaurant, a​ couple of​ bars and a​ coffee shop and several of​ the standard diving & recreational facilities are available including cultural shows and live music too.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives

Set in​ the North Male Atoll, Four Seasons is​ a​ spectacular five star resort with 106 rooms of​ various types (from standard beach villas and beach bungalows with outdoor showers to​ water villas).

The resort offers three restaurants and two bars and some of​ the features include a​ healthy offering of​ vegetarian food as​ well as​ themed nights.

The facilities & recreational amenities are very good – as​ well as​ the standard Maldives offerings guests can try their hand at​ aerial excursions, catamaran sailing, big game fishing and island hopping.

The resort is​ a​ half hour transfer via speedboat from Male.

Full Moon Resort Maldives

The five star Full Moon resort is​ located in​ the North Male Atoll and is​ a​ 20 minute speedboat ride from Male.

There are 156 rooms – from deluxe and cottage rooms to​ water bungalows and water villas. The architecture has a​ very traditional, wooden feel and the accommodation is​ very comfortable.

No less than five different restaurants offer a​ huge selection of​ international cuisine and keep the guests pallets delighted at​ all times. There are also three bars and a​ coffee shop.

While most Maldives resorts have their own spas, the Full Moon spa is​ actually located on a​ separate island – a​ delightful touch.

A good range of​ activities and recreation are also on offer.

Hakuraa Club Maldives

On the Meemu Atoll lies the four star Hakuura Club offering either beach or​ water bungalows. The resort is​ 130km from Male. a​ good range of​ activities and recreation are offered.

Halaveli Holiday Village Maldives

This is​ a​ three star resort in​ the Ari Atoll offering a​ range of​ beach bungalows. The transfer from the airport is​ half an​ hour by sea plane or​ 1.5 hours via speedboat. Dhon transfers are available but take 360 minutes.

There is​ a​ main restaurant and bar offering a​ wide range of​ cuisine. a​ fair standard or​ recreation and diving facilities are also available.

This is​ a​ fair option for those with a​ tight budget that are looking for a​ Maldives experience. While the rooms are not exactly cheap, they are more affordable than the four and five star options available.

Helengeli Tourist Village Maldives

Helengeli is​ a​ four star resort that’s based in​ the Kaafu Atoll. There are 50 beach villas available and offers the usual choice of​ recreation and activities. to​ name a​ few, they include Spa, restaurant/bar, internet facilities, freshwater pool as​ well as​ dhoni/speedboat/seaplane hire. There is​ also a​ dive school.

Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island Maldives

The luxurious five star Hilton is​ not for those with a​ fragile budget! Located in​ the South Ari Atoll, the resort is​ 90km from Male airport.

There are 150 rooms divided into standard/deluxe beach villas, water bungalows, and sunset water villas.

The main restaurant is​ the Atoll restaurant containing two open kitchens. The sunset bar & grill is​ a​ lovely addition built over the water with stunning views of​ the lagoon. You can even have a​ private barbeque specially made by a​ resort chef.

Some great recreational & diving activities are offered including swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness rooms & spa and a​ huge range of​ water & other sports.

These are just a​ handful of​ the premier holiday resorts available in​ the Maldives. While all tend to​ be mid to​ high end, your choice may be determined by the type of​ holiday you're interested in​ so some further research is​ always recommemded.

Brief Review Of The Top Maldives Holiday Resorts Part 1

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