Brian Kopps Alliance Guide 1 70 In A Week

Brian Kopp’s Alliance Guide – 1-70 In a​ Week?
You want to​ find out how to​ get from level 1-70 in​ World of​ Warcraft in​ a​ hurry right? Well, my friend .​
You have come to​ the right place .​
My journey from 1-70 wasn't exactly a​ fast one on my Warrior due to​ real life circumstances .​
Circumstances such as​ working 10 hours per day, having a​ wife to​ spend time with and for the past 6 months having a​ new daughter .​
No, my play time wasn't exactly hardcore play time as​ many of​ you would refer to .​
You see, I​ started playing Wow the day that it​ came out .​
I​ made several characters and leveled them all up slowly .​
Real life kept pulling me away from putting in​ a​ lot of​ time .​
As time went by more and more real life things piled up .​
Well, I​ finally managed to​ get my warrior to​ about level 50 by the time The Burning Crusade came out .​
Then a​ couple months into release I​ made it​ to​ 60 .​
At that point, I​ decided it​ was time to​ actually break down and look for some help .​
I searched the internet for a​ few free guides .​
I​ tried to​ follow them but there was holes in​ them where they would forget to​ explain what quests to​ do, how to​ do them .​
Even if​ they did tell the quests I​ still spent at​ least half of​ my online time looking up the information on how to​ do them .​
Then finally, I​ came across a​ pay guide wrote by Brian Kopp .​
I​ had told myself I​ wasn't going to​ actually spend any more money than my initial purchase of​ the game and monthly subscriptions on Wow but was desperate .​
So, I​ purchased the guide sometime in​ March .​
I​ downloaded it, read the instructions and installed the map mod that Brian Kopp includes .​
Brian Kopp did an​ excellent job looking at​ what Joanna did for the Horde and applied it​ to​ the Alliance races .​
The map mod, you ask? YES! That’s right, an​ awesome map mod .​
Brian Kopp actually didn't write any map mod himself .​
Instead, he tells you to​ download and install meta map .​
a​ completely free add-on wrote for Wow .​
Then, with his guide he includes a​ database that you import into the add-on .​
This database is​ actually a​ list of​ coordinates for pretty much every, single, alliance zone in​ the game .​
Each of​ these coordinates corresponds with a​ set of​ coordinates in​ his guide .​
For example, Brian's guide will tell you to​ go to​ 34.67 and pick up a​ quest called Into the Outlands (or whatever) .​
Then, he will tell you to​ go to​ 46.79 to​ complete the quest .​
With this information you can easily open your map, highlight the coordinates he tells you to​ go to​ and simply go there! This makes looking up quest information on the internet obsolete .​
You will NEVER have to​ look up the information again .​
Not only does this guide give you exact coordinates of​ what quests to​ get, where to​ get them but it​ also links them together in​ the most efficient way possible .​
Sometimes you may have 4-5 quests that can all be completed in​ one general area .​
Brian makes sure that you do them all in​ that area rather than doing 1-2, running back to​ town, turning them in, and running back .​
He takes care of​ all the research for you .​
If you're interested in​ Brian Kopp's guide simply go over to​ his website: Brian Kopp's 1-70 Guide and check it​ out .​
Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed .​
In about 2 years of​ playing I​ barely managed to​ get to​ 60, then in​ no time with his guide I​ finished out to​ 70 and now have another level 63 and 60 on their way to​ the top! Alliance characters have a​ lot of​ different paths they can take at​ this point .​
Brain Kopps Alliance Leveling Guide offers various tips and strategies for you to​ improve your game for levels 1-60.

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