Breast Cancer Ribbon

Breast Cancer Ribbon

These days almost every worthy cause finds itself a​ proper ribbon, without getting into the​ debate about the​ use of​ ribbons and​ how people use them, there are not many ribbons that I know of​ that are more important than the​ breast cancer ribbon.

Breast cancer is​ a​ dangerous enemy, while it​ is​ true that the​ awareness to​ its risks and​ the​ understanding of​ the​ prevention measures that need to​ be taken on a​ regular basis has increased over the​ years and​ had probably saved many lives, some people are still not aware of​ breast cancer and​ others prefer to​ live in​ some sort of​ denial.

So why is​ it​ important to​ use the​ pink ribbon and​ join the​ fight against breast cancer? First of​ all it​ shows the​ most important thing a​ person can show, it​ shows that you care, its shows that you are willing to​ give a​ little of​ your time or​ energy to​ try and​ educate more people, to​ warn some others and​ to​ maybe, just by doing this very small action contribute to​ saving a​ life. This is​ not a​ joke, sometimes awareness is​ all that separates the​ ill from the​ healthy and​ the​ dead from the​ living, we are at​ an​ age where people are learning of​ new dangers every day, and​ with all these upcoming potential dangers of​ terrorism and​ natural disasters breast cancer has been here long enough and​ has cause so much pain and​ suffering that it​ certainly deserves to​ be treated as​ something we should all remember, even on a​ daily basis.

Every October is​ the​ international breast cancer awareness month, this is​ the​ time to​ try and​ do the​ most to​ increase the​ public awareness of​ this disease, and​ educate woman about the​ ways they can fight breast cancer, this month is​ also dedicated to​ raising money for​ the​ many different organizations and​ foundations that are working all year round on helping victims of​ breast cancer, some of​ these patients have no money and​ no funds they can use to​ try and​ treat the​ cancer, and​ these organizations help them get the​ support that they need.

So all you got to​ do is​ just place one of​ these pink ribbons on your shirt of​ jacket, and​ show the​ solidarity you have with the​ breast cancer patients, the​ victims and​ the​ family and​ friends of​ those who have been effected by this terrible disease. Remember that you do not have to​ limit yourself only to​ the​ month of​ October, and​ that it​ is​ enough for​ only one person to​ ask you about this ribbon – once a​ year to​ make a​ huge difference, think about hundreds, if​ not thousands of​ people like you doing the​ same thing every day, and​ each one of​ these people is​ approached by an​ uneducated person, how many lives can be speared.

Lets hope that in​ the​ future the​ fight against breast cancer, as​ the​ fight against all kinds of​ cancer, will achieve its goals and​ that this disease will claim less victims, that modern medicine and​ science will find cures and​ that more and​ more people around the​ world will live healthier and​ happier lives.

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