Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet Support A Noble Cause

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet Support A Noble Cause

Breast cancer is​ a​ major health threat to​ women around the​ world. the​ number of​ women affected by breast cancer is​ shooting up every year. the​ sad thing is​ early diagnosis and​ treatment can lead to​ an​ almost 100 per cent cure rate among those affected by this illness.

Often the​ problem is​ not the​ unavailability of​ treatment for​ breast cancer, but late diagnosis. Awareness of​ the​ symptoms of​ breast cancer is​ the​ only way to​ assure that every person with the​ disease will get an​ early diagnosis. Many charities and​ cancer foundations have launched breast cancer awareness programs with this fact in​ mind.

The mass appeal of​ the​ LiveStrong yellow cancer bracelets from the​ Lance Armstrong foundation led breast cancer foundations to​ launch the​ breast cancer awareness bracelets. Pink was chosen as​ the​ color for​ these bracelets as​ an​ expression of​ the​ feminine character. Currently millions of​ dollars are being generated from the​ sale of​ pink ribbons and​ breast cancer awareness bracelets, which is​ going towards supporting cancer research and​ for​ spreading awareness of​ the​ disease.

What makes breast cancer insidious is​ that there are no clear cut symptoms or​ criteria that help predict this illness. it​ doesn’t matter if​ you have a​ family history or​ not, whether you are young or​ old, you can still get breast cancer. Though age increases the​ risk of​ breast cancer, more than 20 per cent of​ the​ affected women are those under 50 years.

Even though breast cancer awareness bracelets first came out in​ pink color, they now come in​ a​ variety of​ colors and​ materials. Usually the​ rubber and​ the​ silicone awareness bracelets sell for​ around $1. These bracelets can also be made of​ pearl, cats eye or​ any other suitable material and​ sell for​ around $30. These metal and​ pearl bracelets can be used as​ jewelry, and​ at​ the​ same time they support a​ cause.

Custom-made breast cancer awareness bracelets on which you can stamp any message that you want are also available. These messages can be of​ hope, or​ endurance, or​ success. Often, the​ friends and​ family of​ the​ cancer patients wear these bracelets to​ show their support to​ the​ struggling person.

Over the​ years the​ sale of​ breast cancer awareness bracelets has helped many. There are many discussion and​ information groups online on cancer that are supported by money from the​ sale of​ these bracelets. There are ‘fund-free mammogram’ facilities available for​ those who cannot afford the​ diagnostic procedure, funded by the​ sale of​ these breast cancer awareness bracelets.

Be it​ a​ $1 or​ a​ $ 30 breast cancer awareness bracelet, it​ can go a​ long way in​ spreading breast cancer awareness.

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