Brain Freeze Hire A Ghost Writer

Brain Freeze Hire A Ghost Writer

Does this sound familiar? You have a​ newsletter that needs to​ go out in​ a​ few days, but you just can’t come up with a​ good article to​ write. You have a​ serious case of​ writer’s block. Or, you know you should be adding more content to​ your site on a​ regular basis to​ keep the search engines (and of​ course your visitors) happy, but you just can’t find the time to​ sit down and write articles every week. There’s an​ easy solution to​ both problems. Hire a​ ghostwriter to​ write the articles for you.

Basically, a​ ghostwriter is​ someone that writes articles for you that you get to​ claim as​ your own and publish under your own name. No one other than yourself and the ghostwriter has to​ know that you didn’t write the article yourself. Once you pay for the article, you hold all rights to​ it​ and can publish it​ wherever and however you see fit.

Now let’s talk about the hard part. How do you find a​ good ghostwriter? You can start by posting a​ small project on elance or​ Anyone interested in​ writing for you can bid on the project and you will get to​ choose your writer from the bidders. I mentioned posting a​ small project because you just don’t know exactly what you are going to​ get until you receive the finished articles. a​ small project in​ elance or​ guru terms would be about 15 to​ 20 short articles on a​ subject that’s either common knowledge, or​ easily researched. You want to​ make it​ worth the bidders (to attract good writers) without having to​ spend too much per article.

Other great ways to​ find a​ ghostwriter is​ to​ network with others in​ your field, ask friends and post on message boards related to​ the topic you want the articles written about. Just ask if​ there is​ someone interested in​ writing for you. There are also quite a​ few freelance writers that offer ghostwriting as​ well. Search for ghost writing in​ your favorite search engine to​ find sites like .

Pricing for ghostwritten articles can range anywhere from $2.00 to​ $65 per article. Most writers will charge about $5.00 to​ $12.00. Keep in​ mind that you will pay less for shorter articles than long ones. The average article size is​ from 300 – 1200 words. Shop around, but don’t shop by price along. Like anywhere else you will get what you pay for. Articles in​ the $2 to​ $6 range tend to​ be pretty simple and to​ be honest quite boring. to​ get any decent hourly rate, the writer has to​ crank out 4 – 5 articles per hour and it​ will show in​ the quality of​ the article. You can however find some great articles in​ the $8 to​ $12 price range.

When choosing a​ writer, start by asking for sample articles. Find a​ few writers who’s style you like and ask them to​ write a​ few articles each. You should be able to​ tell who will work out and who doesn’t. if​ you have done a​ good bit of​ writing yourself, you may want to​ provide the writers with some of​ your own articles before they start, so they can get a​ feel for your style and personality. Pick one or​ two writers to​ write for you on a​ regular basis. it​ may also be worth staying in​ touch with the runner-ups in​ case a​ writer doesn’t work out, or​ doesn’t have time for additional projects down the road.

So, will it​ be worth paying someone to​ write your articles? it​ sure does for me. Submitting article and adding them to​ your own site is​ one of​ the fastest and cheapest ways to​ get traffic to​ your site. When you add the articles written by your ghostwriter to​ your site, optimize them by a​ particular keyword, or​ key phrase to​ get more search engine traffic. Then submit the un-optimized version to​ the various article directories. as​ your article is​ used on other sites and in​ newsletter the traffic will start coming in.

How much are you paying right now to​ advertise on various websites and in​ newsletters? $25 per ad or​ more? For $25 you can easily get 2 to​ 5 quality articles from a​ ghostwriter. These articles can then appear in​ countless publications and websites over and over again. Don’t forget, your resource box, with a​ link to​ your site will be included each time the article is​ published. Your articles may appear in​ larger newsletters or​ even print papers and magazines that you could never afford to​ place an​ ad in. if​ you ask me, hiring a​ ghostwriter and getting more articles with my resource box out there is​ a​ great investment.

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