Bradford City Guide Including Bradford Hotels

Bradford City Guide Including Bradford Hotels

In the county of​ West Yorkshire is​ where tourists will find the bustling city of​ Bradford. Situated in​ Northern England, Bradford has more than 470,000 inhabitants and it​ ranks eleventh in​ terms of​ the size of​ various cities in​ England. Bradford has a​ rich history and was one of​ the central focuses of​ thriving businesses during the time of​ the Industrial Revolution. Former home of​ the Bronte Sisters, as​ well as​ many other famous individuals, Bradford continues to​ thrive in​ terms of​ business and also continues to​ draw thousands of​ tourists each and every year. Finally, Bradford is​ surrounded by many popular cities. Cities surrounding Bradford include Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Oxford and York.

Places of​ interest:

Looking to​ plan your itinerary while in​ England? Make sure that Bradford is​ on your list of​ places to​ see. Chockfull of​ historical adventures and incredible recreational pursuits, a​ trip to​ England would be incomplete if​ one doesn’t partake in​ all that Bradford has to​ offer.

ART GALLERIES: When visiting Bradford, tourists are frequently drawn to​ the cultural attractions that Bradford offers. Bradford is​ home to​ several art galleries including the City Art Gallery at​ the Headrow which houses incredible sculptures and paintings.
WALKING TOURS: Tourist will thoroughly enjoy the walking tours through the moorlands and woodlands of​ Bradford. Further, tourist can choose to​ take self guide walks or​ tour guide walks, whichever they prefer. Such tours allow tourists to​ enjoy all of​ the wildlife in​ Bradford.
FAMILY ADVENTURES: Numerous natural parks and amusement parks are in​ Bradford, promising entertainment for the whole family. From boating to​ bowling, there is​ no end to​ the fun for families in​ Bradford.
SPORTS: there are plenty of​ sports to​ engage in​ while visiting Bradford and fishing, sailing, wind surfing, swimming, cycling, horseback riding ,and walking are just a​ few of​ the sports that tourists will find enjoyable.
SHOPPING: a​ number of​ mill shops and Asian stores are readily accessible in​ Bradford.

Things to​ do:

There is​ no shortage of​ fun and fascinating things to​ do while in​ Bradford. Whether tourists travel alone or​ with the entire family, they can easily find enjoyable recreational activities for everyone to​ enjoy.

BRADFORD BULLS: in​ the Odsal Stadium, the Bradford Bulls is​ the favourite rugby team of​ many. The stadium holds huge audiences, well over 12,000 people visit the Bradford Bulls’ games and there is​ pre-game entertainment at​ every game.
BRADFORD ICE RINK: at​ 19 Little Horton Lane is​ an​ ice skating rink that the entire family can enjoy. Whether tourists are out on the ice with the kids or​ they are watching one of​ the many ice shows hosted at​ the Bradford Ice Rink, time spent at​ the ice rink will be nothing but memorable.
COLOUR MUSEUM: 1 Providence Street is​ a​ one of​ a​ kind experience for every resident and tourist in​ Bradford. Learn how animals perceive colour, how colour dyes are created and more. a​ great time for the entire family. The cost for admission is​ £1.75 for adults and £4 for the entire family.
NATIONAL MUSEUM of​ PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM & TELEVISION: situated at​ Pictureville, is​ an​ exciting location with interactive exhibits and a​ place that reveals movie and television magic!
RED HOUSE: The former home of​ Mary Taylor, now known as​ the Red House is​ located on Oxford Road. Mary Taylor was the former friend of​ Charlotte Bronte and the house was erected in​ the 17th century.
SILVER JUBILEE MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION: on Green Lane is​ the place for every model train enthusiast. Model trains are sold as​ well as​ all of​ their accessories and you can have fun looking at​ all of​ the model train layouts.

Food & Drink:

Visitors to​ Bradford can find fantastic dining in​ and around the surrounding areas of​ Bradford with relative ease. No matter what a​ tourist’s dining preference is, they can satiate their appetite easily when visiting Bradford.

ADELPHI: located on 1-5 Hunslet Road, offers lagers, beers, and a​ variety of​ juices as​ well as​ fine dining. Desserts include both the Yorkshire pie and the Dolcelatte Pudding.
BREAK FOR THE BORDER: at​ 174-178 Lower Briggate in​ Leeds, just 9 miles from Bradford. it​ is​ a​ bar and lounge offering drinks and entertainment. The upstairs of​ the location is​ a​ restaurant that offers a​ variety of​ Tex-Mex foods.
GRILLADE: on Wellington Street in​ Leeds, is​ a​ mere walk from the train station. if​ it’s a​ French Bistro that a​ tourist’s seeks, then the Grillade is​ sure to​ please. The Grillade serves nothing but the finest French entrees and has a​ variety of​ plates to​ choose from.
FUJI HIRO: at​ 45 Wade Lane in​ Leeds offers an​ array of​ Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Ramen, Rice, and pan-fried noodle dishes will assuredly appease anyone’s appetite. The Fuji Hiro serves great meals like chicken katsu curry and chilli ebi ramen.
HEATHCLIFFS RESTAURANT: in​ Hollins Hall, Baildon, Bradford, requires that residents and tourists make reservations in​ advance and that they adhere to​ the dress code provided. Offering background piano music while visitors dine, Heathcliffs is​ the place in​ Bradford for the ultimate dining experience.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Accommodations are not at​ all hard to​ come by in​ Bradford. There are numerous hotels and self catering sites for tourist to​ choose from. No matter what a​ tourist decides, they will find they get the finest service during their stay in​ Bradford.

Midland Hotel
Courtyard By Marriott Leeds/Bradford
Park Grove Hotel
The Dubrovnik Hotel
Sporting Lodge Inns
Novotel Bradford
Best Western Guide Post Hotel
Express by Holiday Inn Bradford City Centre


There is​ plenty of​ entertainment in​ Bradford that is​ suitable for all ages. Theatres, Cinemas, Aquariums and nightlife entertainment are abundant in​ this city. Bars, lounges, and dance clubs await the tourist looking to​ relax and socialise.

Bradford: a​ city you can afford to​ miss when visiting England. Excellent food, incredible sites, and lots of​ fun things to​ do, tourist will lose out if​ they don’t visit Bradford. Certainly, if​ one wants to​ ensure their trip is​ complete, Bradford should be on their list of​ things to​ do.

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