Bosu Training Ball

The latest rave to​ hit fitness centers across America is​ the​ BOSU balance trainer. You may have seen it​ in​ the​ gym: a​ large blue rubber ball that's been cut in​ half with a​ platform on​ the​ bottom.

This cross-training fitness invention has its origins in​ the​ field of​ medicine,​ balance,​ functional and sports specific training. it​ offers a​ unique way to​ work on​ balance,​ core strength and aerobic conditioning.

The BOSU Balance Trainer can be used on​ both sides ( the​ name is​ an​ acronym which stands for "Both Sides Up"). You'll get different types of​ balance exercises depending which side of​ the​ BOSU is​ up,​ be it​ the​ rounded bouncy dome part or​ the​ flat 25 inch platform. You can use it​ ball-side-up to​ challenge lower body balance and stability or​ use the​ platform to​ target upper body strength. Working your balance in​ two different ways on​ both sides,​ now how creative is​ that?

Now let's see what you can do with a​ BOSU trainer. You can step,​ walk,​ run,​ hop,​ jump and leap
on it. or​ do some stretching. With the​ ball side up,​ you can stand,​ squat,​ sit or​ use it​ just like you would a​ step for aerobics; the​ difference is​ your body has to​ constantly shift and contract to​ stay aligned. This not only helps burn more calories,​ but enhances coordination and balance. Turn it​ over and you can use it​ as​ a​ bench (for strength training),​ push ups or​ just sitting on​ it​ to​ test your balance. While standing or​ kneeling on​ the​ dome,​ you can move the​ upper body lower,​ higher,​ to​ the​ sides or​ by reaching for and picking up cards from various locations on​ the​ floor,​ or​ by touching and/or relocating cones that have been placed in​ close proximity to​ the​ dome. It’s great for working your trunk too. Maintaining spinal alignment is​ important to​ low back health and sports performance.

Most of​ the​ U. S. Olympic teams and numerous professional athletes use BOSU conditioning and training as​ well. "I implement the​ BOSU trainer during our off-season program for core strength training and rehabilitation of​ ankle and knee problems” says Bennie Wylie,​ Assistant Strength Coach of​ the​ Dallas Cowboys. “It is​ a​ great piece of​ equipment and gives us an​ important extra dimension to​ our overall fitness program. Almost all of​ the​ players use the​ BOSU trainer in​ some fashion on​ a​ regular basis."

Next time you see the​ BOSU in​ your gym,​ give it​ a​ try and see how it​ works. Don't be discouraged the​ first few times if​ you find it​ difficult to​ balance or​ train. Over time you'll be able to​ stand on​ the​ BOSU with your eyes closed and perform exercises fully utilizing your body and mind.

Enjoy the​ benefits!

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