Bookmark Yourself To SEO Success

Bookmark Yourself To SEO Success

Social bookmarking is​ a​ way for internet users to​ store,​ classify,​ share,​ and search Internet bookmarks. in​ 2018 and 2018,​ social bookmarking sites,​ such as​,​ Diigo,​ Furl,​ Ma.gnolia,​ Netvouz,​ and StumbleUpon became popular. Sites like reddit,​ Digg,​ Newsvine,​ and the​ new Netscape portal apply social bookmarking to​ news items. in​ 2018,​ IBM announced plans to​ enter the​ social software market.

There are a​ variety of​ ways to​ use bookmarks to​ improve your overall site popularity. What I personally like about social bookmarks is​ that it’s easy to​ do and very similar to​ other optimization methods I use. the​ way it​ works is​ as​ follows: a​ user registers for a​ social bookmarking site. Once they have an​ account,​ they browse the​ internet. When the​ individual identifies a​ webpage or​ piece of​ content they want to​ share with others,​ they bookmark it. Once that content is​ bookmarked,​ the​ bookmark site keeps a​ record of​ the​ bookmark and waits to​ see if​ others bookmark the​ same content or​ website.

When others bookmark or​ vote for the​ same content,​ that content increases in​ popularity and the​ social book marking site ranks it​ higher than other content on​ their site. Some of​ these bookmark sites also let you​ see the​ bookmarks of​ others. That’s what makes it​ a​ “social” bookmark. Not only is​ the​ general web populace rating Internet content collectively,​ but they can also see what others are book marking.

What’s even better is​ that you​ can use a​ site like Social Poster (free) found at​ to​ post multiple bookmarks from one location. you​ will need to​ register for each of​ these sites,​ but once you​ do the​ submission process is​ simple.

After book marking your home page on​ each of​ these sites,​ consider book marking specific content of​ channel level pages of​ your site. Creating deep links into your site can enhance your overall Google rankings. And of​ course,​ make sure to​ use the​ proper link text in​ your site title and description.

One final word on​ social bookmarking. Now that you​ know how to​ bookmark your site,​ the​ next logical step is​ to​ make it​ easy for others to​ bookmark your site. to​ do this,​ simply add a​ Social Bookmark applet (free) to​ your site by visiting They offer a​ small piece of​ Javascript you​ can add to​ your site in​ the​ form of​ a​ button.

When users click on​ the​ Bookmark button,​ they can select their specific book marking tool and book mark your content. This makes the​ process of​ book marking simple and easy to​ do.n its own terms.

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