Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer

Health issues are a​ large concern for​ most adults. When we are children, teenagers and​ young adults, we feel invincible. But as​ we grow older and​ begin to​ take on the​ responsibility of​ having children of​ our own we begin to​ realize how precious and​ short our time on earth truly is. it​ seems that instead of​ more cures and​ answers to​ aliments there are more diseases and​ disorders. One of​ the​ disease’s that has rocked our community is​ bone cancer. a​ beloved member of​ our community has been diagnosed with this and​ each of​ us is​ trying to​ cope with it.
We live in​ a​ small close knit lake community. Our school is​ very small there are about fifty children in​ each grade. the​ lakes area is​ so beautiful so most of​ the​ teachers live in​ the​ community. Everyone seems to​ know everyone else. We work together, socialize worship and​ recreate on the​ lakes together. When something happens to​ one person we are all affected. One of​ the​ most popular girls in​ our community went away to​ college and​ then returned to​ teach in​ our school. She also coached the​ volleyball squad and​ sang in​ the​ church choir. She is​ one of​ those people that lights up a​ room by walking into it. a​ few months ago she started experiencing pain in​ her lower back. She joked about this with some of​ the​ parents. She said that she must be getting older because she was starting to​ find it​ hard to​ keep up with the​ volleyball team at​ practice. After several weeks of​ seeing her limp at​ games and​ in​ church I ​ asked her how she was doing. She told me that she was going to​ the​ doctor the​ next day to​ have an MRI done to​ see if​ she had torn a​ ligament. a​ few days later my daughter came home from school crying. She said that the​ volleyball coach has bone cancer and​ that she is​ not going to​ get better.
We had a​ meeting at​ church that night. When I ​ arrived at​ the​ meeting I ​ could tell be the​ glum expressions on everyone’s faces that the​ news must be true. Our lovely young coach and​ soloist was dying of​ bone cancer. One of​ the​ members of​ the​ committee that was meeting is​ a​ doctor. He explained that he was not the​ coach’s doctor but from what he knew about bone cancer is​ that it​ starts somewhere else and​ spreads to​ the​ bones. By the​ time the​ cancer is​ to​ the​ stage that there is​ pain, the​ initial infected area is​ beyond treatment.
Our coach is​ still alive, however she is​ losing strength very quickly. the​ bone cancer is​ spreading and​ limiting the​ amount of​ time she can be on her feet. Her courage and​ grace is​ teaching all of​ us a​ lesson on how fragile and​ short life is. the​ children are learning to​ cope with death at​ an early age. They are already committing their time to​ raise money for​ research for​ a​ cure for​ bone cancer.

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