Bob The Dragon Slayer Review

Bob The Dragon Slayer Review

This very fun, exciting, fast-paced, warm novella - Bob the Dragon Slayer by Harry E. Gilleland Jr. – was a​ great afternoon read. in​ only 99 pages, this poet and author takes readers on a​ glorious adventure.

Bob, an​ orphaned peasant lad witnesses a​ dragon destroying an​ entire village and dreams of​ becoming a​ knight. Within a​ short time Bob is​ presented with a​ historically important magical sword by a​ strange wizard named Stephen. The trouble is​ that no one else can see the wizard who only appears when people are not around. This does not damper the doubt in​ the minds of​ those around the ambitious peasant boy.

Bob’s fierce, but chance victories with dragons build respect from the people throughout the land. Soon it​ is​ discovered that Bob has royal lineage – in​ fact the brave peasant dragon-slayer that had once desired to​ be a​ knight above all else, is​ actually the rightful King. Bob becomes the only hope of​ uniting the people of​ his land against an​ evil King bent on conquering and destruction.

Saving the kingdom with the help of​ his mighty sword, a​ meddling wizard and loyal friends takes the young man on adventures he had never dreamed of​ before. Far beyond involving dragons, damsels in​ distress, civil war and romance, he also had to​ think his way around of​ legal obstacles along the way and politics between peoples.

This is​ an​ excellent book for anyone over the age of​ 10. "

ISBN#: 1411633156
Author: Harry E. Gilleland, Jr.
Publisher: Lulu Press

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