Boating While Intoxicated

Boating While Intoxicated

Boating While Intoxicated
Few issues are as​ controversial as​ boating while intoxicated .​
Many people feel like it’s not as​ difficult or​ dangerous to​ operate a​ boat while drinking as​ it​ is​ a​ vehicle .​
Nothing could be further than the​ truth .​
Boating while intoxicated is​ a​ serious issue and​ one that shouldn’t be ignored.
A lot of​ people liken a​ day on the​ boat with tossing back some beers or​ drinks .​
After all, what tastes best on a​ hot summer day but a​ cold, cold drink? One or​ two beers is​ probably fine, but ideally, you shouldn’t be drinking at​ all while you are driving a​ boat.
Boating drunk is​ a​ crime on many waterways .​
Just like DUI laws, regulations vary from state to​ state and​ from place to​ place .​
But in​ many places, the​ law taking boating while intoxicated as​ a​ serious offense .​

Why is​ drinking and​ boating so dangerous? Well, besides the​ fact that alcohol impairs your judgment, a​ lot has to​ do with the​ vehicle you are driving .​
a​ boat can go much, much faster than most cars plus boats don’t come with safety restraints .​
if​ you should happen to​ hit something, the​ possibility of​ being ejected into the​ water is​ nearly 100 percent.
There are no marked lanes on waterways, so you have a​ lot of​ leeway in​ steering .​
It’s easy to​ become distracted when you are drunk and​ it’s even easier to​ misjudge distances and​ where other boats are located.
Boats are controlled by both people and​ water .​
the​ waves can throw off even the​ most experienced captain .​
When you have a​ drunk captain, it’s easy to​ lose control of​ the​ water craft with dire circumstances.
Alcohol has a​ dehydrating effect on the​ body .​
Add the​ hot sun to​ an​ alcohol mixture and​ you get a​ very tired captain .​
You run the​ risk of​ falling asleep at​ the​ helm or​ being drowsy and​ inattentive.
Waterways do have police officers as​ well .​
They monitor the​ waters just as​ a​ traffic cop would monitor the​ roads .​
if​ you are boating while intoxicated, you can be pulled over and​ administered a​ field sobriety test .​
the​ water cop will assess your physical condition and​ decide whether or​ not you should receive a​ boating while intoxicated citation .​
if​ so, you risk losing both your boat and​ your license.
Boating while intoxicated is​ a​ big no-no in​ the​ boating world .​
It really is​ possible to​ have fun without alcoholic beverages .​
if​ you feel you just can’t be on your boat without a​ drink, practice moderation and​ keep everyone safe!

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