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Boating Blog
If you love boating and​ want to​ share that love with others, why not consider starting your own boating blog? It’s easy, fun, and​ lets you pass on your experiences to​ others who might enjoy the​ same things .​
a​ boating blog is​ as​ simple or​ as​ complicated as​ you choose to​ make it .​
Here are some tips to​ get you started.
You first need to​ find a​ place to​ post your boating blog .​
But don’t worry; there are plenty of​ blog hosting spaces on the​ Internet .​
You could join the​ phenomenon of​ My Space where there is​ plenty of​ room for​ both blogging as​ well as​ telling about you and​ your love of​ boating .​
Another good blog space is​ .​

Another option for​ your boating blog is​ to​ create your own web page .​
This is​ easier than you think it​ is​ as​ many web hosting places like will offer free tools for​ building your web site and​ will give you basic web space for​ free!
When you start your boating blog, introduce yourself .​
Be careful not to​ reveal too much personal information such as​ your last name, a​ specific address, or​ things like that .​
You will have all sorts of​ people viewing your web site – even bad ones – so be careful what you tell people.
Take some pictures of​ your boat .​
Tell a​ little bit about it .​
One blog on the​ Internet has a​ description of​ the​ boat from a​ first person viewpoint which we found to​ be quite interesting .​
Tell about her features, what her name is, and​ where she likes to​ go.
A good boating blog will have a​ personalized touch speaking from experience .​
Write about places you’ve been on your boat and​ what you recommend (or don’t recommend) to​ others as​ far as​ boating destinations .​
You may also want to​ write about your dream boating trip as​ well as​ places you want to​ go to​ in​ the​ future.
By all means, share your boating expertise in​ your blog! Have you learned a​ valuable lesson about boating safety? Got a​ tip on engine maintenance? Know about a​ great, secret place you want to​ tell others about? Write about it!
Consider putting an​ e-mail link in​ your blog .​
You can even invite people to​ sign a​ virtual guestbook .​
You never know who you might meet!
You don’t have to​ be a​ professional writer to​ start and​ maintain a​ boating blog .​
All you need is​ a​ love of​ boating and​ desire to​ share what you know .​
Boating blogs are modern day captain’s logs .​
They are everywhere and​ are awfully entertaining! Start one today!

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