Blue Skies For Extreme Sports

Blue Skies For Extreme Sports

Ample leisure time allows for​ a​ raft of​ thrilling experiences inducing different degrees of​ adrenaline rush from balloon rides to​ freefall parachuting.

Unpredictable UK weather conditions can be a​ bit of​ a​ stumbling block but add a​ small slice of​ sun to​ the​ equation and​ the​ whole extreme sports arena suddenly opens up to​ encompass many more attractive propositions. a​ hot air balloon at​ dawn across the​ Arizona desert holds a​ much broader appeal than, say, one over the​ flats of​ Northamptonshire and​ a​ leap off the​ soaring mountains to​ paraglide down to​ the​ powdery white sands and​ glistening blue lagoon of​ Turkey's famous Olu Deniz beach is​ something a​ fair few of​ us may contemplate, well at​ least from the​ comfort of​ our sun loungers.

The great range of​ water-based UK sports tend to​ remain the​ province of​ more hardy animals. It's difficult to​ beat the​ excellent kayaking and​ canoeing in​ the​ cascades of​ North Wales' Canolfan Tryweryn National Whitewater Centre and​ the​ huge windsurfing community are spoilt for​ choice with competitions taking place year round across the​ country.

But how much more appealing the​ wind and​ water sounds if​ you factor in​ the​ sun-drenched Saharan style dunes of​ Fuerteventura. the​ Canary Islands are home to​ some of​ the​ best windsurfing in​ the​ world, the​ combination of​ calm flat waters and​ strong, steady summer tradewinds providing the​ perfect conditions for​ the​ PWA Freestyle and​ PWA Wave Grand Slam World Championships to​ be held in​ July in​ Fuerteventura and​ in​ Gran Canaria.

These prime watersport heavens are becoming more and​ more accessible with journey times matching, and​ even sometimes bettering, those to​ Devon and​ Cornwall via the​ hugely congested summer road network. Flights to​ the​ Canaries can be picked up really cheaply see with some great bargains to​ be had following the​ latest round of​ UK travel company discounts.

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