Blue Rose Condo Hotel The Latest Real Estate Trend

Blue Rose Condo Hotel The Latest Real Estate Trend

Blue Rose Condo Hotel: the​ Latest Real Estate Trend
Today, one of​ the​ hottest commodities in​ real estate is​ the​ condo hotel .​
Bridging the​ gap between traditional condominiums and​ hotels, the​ condo hotel presents the​ best of​ both worlds: luxury accommodations in​ highly desirable locations along with upscale shops and​ restaurants .​
As an​ example, let's look at​ the​ Blue Rose in​ Orlando, Florida.
Currently in​ the​ pre-construction phase, the​ Blue Rose will consist of​ three towers housing 256 condominiums and​ 1,284 condo hotel suites .​
It will offer everything from lofts and​ one- and​ two-bedroom units to​ 3,000 sq .​
ft .​
penthouse suites .​
The property will be a​ resort oasis, with a​ promenade, European cafes, five themed restaurants, private pool cabanas, and​ a​ 1,000-seat theater .​
The investment opportunity presented by condo hotels is​ unprecedented .​
Indeed, most new properties sell out in​ the​ pre-construction phase .​
In doing so, investors are able to​ obtain lower prices, secure many of​ the​ best units, and​ gain appreciation on their investments before ground is​ even broken .​
Many people opt to​ purchase a​ condo hotel not only as​ an​ investment, but also as​ a​ vacation home .​
Generally, condo hotels provide first class accommodations in​ highly desirable locations .​
When the​ owner is​ not using the​ property, the​ condo hotel unit can be rented out to​ tourists .​
Typically, the​ owner doesn't have to​ take responsibility for​ renting, managing, and​ maintaining the​ unit, making the​ process free of​ the​ headaches and​ hassles of​ owning other rental properties .​
Like any real estate investment, the​ key is​ location, location, location .​
For example, the​ Blue Rose Condo Hotel is​ located in​ Orlando, Florida, one of​ the​ hottest housing markets in​ both the​ United States and​ the​ world .​
Recently, analysts have reported that Orlando property is​ undervalued by as​ much as​ 30 percent when compared to​ other major U.S .​
markets .​
That, together with an​ average hotel occupancy rate of​ almost 80 percent and​ 40 to​ 55 million annual visitors, makes Orlando condo hotels prime investment opportunities.
It's easy to​ understand why Orlando is​ such a​ desirable destination .​
After all, Florida boasts 300 days of​ sunshine a​ year, over 1,000 miles of​ coastline, and​ an​ average temperature of​ 70 degrees .​
And Orlando is​ the​ center of​ family-friendly theme park destinations .​
Walt Disney World was first on the​ block, with 28,000 acres of​ family fun .​
Universal Studios and​ Sea World round out the​ top three, again with thrills for​ the​ whole family .​
It's estimated that it​ would take you over two months of​ eight-hour days to​ experience Orlando's 95 attractions .​
It's clear why tens of​ millions of​ tourists visit Orlando each year.
It's equally obvious why investors are flocking to​ buy property in​ Orlando .​
Condo hotels, like the​ Blue Rose condo hotel, are the​ latest real estate investment trend in​ hot destinations like Orlando .​
Between the​ theme parks, the​ world-class restaurants, the​ golf courses, and​ the​ opportunities to​ engage in​ water sports, Orlando investors are seeing phenomenal returns on their investments.

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