Blocked Drains Kill Information On Hydrogen Sulfide

If you are moving into a​ new home, particularly a​ rural property there are a​ few simple precautions you should take in​ relation to​ sewage problems.

Sewage blockages happen everywhere, and septic tanks need emptying regularly. When people are selling their homes they often skimp on the maintenance side of​ things and problems mount up.

If you have a​ blocked drain, or​ suspect septic tank problems, you need to​ be wary of​ opening drain covers, because of​ the possible build up of​ toxic gases. This is​ especially so if​ you are moving into a​ property that has been vacant for some time. if​ there are depressions in​ the ground near your septic tank, stay well away from the area until a​ professional survey has been carried out. Find more help on septic tanks at​

Most people will recognize hydrogen sulfide as​ one of​ the gases given off by stink bombs.

Did you know that hydrogen sulfide gas is​ more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide? Luckily you can smell it​ long before it​ reaches toxic concentrations. as​ the concentration increases, you lose the ability to​ smell the gas. This should be taken as​ a​ danger sign and a​ signal to​ move rapidly away from the area.

When sewage backs up due to​ a​ blockage, bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide gas and the concentration can build up to​ fatal levels underneath the manhole cover. if​ the gas is​ not immediately present there is​ still a​ danger. When someone pushes a​ drain rod through the pipe, it​ stirs up the sewage. This process causes Hydrogen sulfide to​ be released in​ high concentrations.

This gas can cause death by respiratory failure and victims often fall into the sewage. Rescuers who are not equipped with respirators are themselves at​ great risk and care needs to​ be taken if​ the incident is​ not going to​ be made worse.

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