Black White The Philosophies Of SEO

Black White The Philosophies Of SEO

Search engine optimization otherwise known as​ SEO is​ a​ popular form of​ search engine marketing. the​ main goal of​ which (as its name would suggest) is​ to​ improve the​ ranking of​ the​ site in​ various search engines. an​ entire industry of​ consultants has sprung up around the​ idea of​ search engine optimization. However,​ it’s important to​ note that there are two distinct and disparate methodologies at​ work when it​ comes to​ optimization. in​ fact the​ SEO consultants themselves as​ well as​ their methods can be subdivided further into two different groups. the​ categories are best known as​ "white hat SEO" (which is​ aimed at​ improving overall site quality,​ and increasing the​ site’s ranking through approved methods),​ or​ "black hat SEO" (often use methods such as​ cloaking and spamdexing to​ increase rankings. However,​ using such methods can lead to​ your site to​ being removed from search engine listings). Those in​ the​ white hat camp charge that black hat methods are not only giving SEO a​ bad name but are also attempting to​ manipulate and undermine the​ search rankings. the​ black hatters counter that argument by saying that in​ truth all SEO is​ an​ attempt to​ manipulate rankings,​ and therefore the​ particular methods one uses to​ increase rankings are irrelevant. in​ other words they take the​ more Machiavellian approach of​ using the​ end results to​ justify the​ means they use.

So what more specifically are the​ methods being employed by the​ two camps?

White hat methods:

These methods typically involve following the​ search engines' published guidelines as​ to​ what is​ and what isn't acceptable. the​ advice typically given by the​ white hat SEO experts is​ to​ create more user-friendly content,​ and not focus so much on​ the​ search engines. That is​ if​ your site is​ well put together and presents something users need it​ will naturally climb in​ the​ rankings. Also by making content that is​ easily accessible to​ the​ search engines spiders it​ will be properly read and therefore properly indexed in​ the​ search engines. the​ white hatters are needed most often because a​ webmaster has made critical mistakes in​ either the​ design or​ the​ set-up of​ their websites,​ inadvertently "poisoning" them so that they will not rank well. the​ SEOs then attempt to​ discover and correct these mistakes,​ which may include unreadable menus,​ broken links,​ temporary redirects,​ or​ simply a​ poor navigation structure.

Here are a​ few examples of​ SEO activities which the​ search engines find acceptable:

• Using a​ reasonably-sized,​ accurate description meta tag without excessive use of​ keywords,​ exclamation marks or​ off topic terms.

• Optimizing tags,​ titles and other parts of​ the​ code as​ necessary

• Using WordTracker or​ a​ similar database to​ find popular and relevant keywords and phrases to​ use for your site.

• Monitoring the​ various search engines to​ ensure that your URL gets indexed

• Increasing the​ amount of​ unique content on​ the​ site.

• Writing quality content for the​ website visitors instead of​ the​ search engines.

Black hat methods:

Whereas the​ white hat methods follow search engine guidelines "Black hat" SEO methods to​ try to​ improve rankings by any means necessary. Most of​ these methods are disapproved of​ by the​ search engines,​ typically because of​ their deceptive nature,​ but also hamper the​ ability of​ the​ search engines to​ provide quality content to​ site visitors. Search engines often penalize the​ sites they discover using black hat methods,​ by reducing their rankings or​ eliminating their listings from the​ search engine results altogether. These penalties are usually applied automatically by the​ search engines' algorithms,​ because the​ Internet is​ too large to​ make manual policing of​ websites feasible. However once they are discovered,​ search engines may take action against those found to​ be using unethical SEO methods. Take for example Google’s removal of​ both BMW Germany and Ricoh Germany in​ February 2018 for use of​ these practices.
One common black hat method is​ known as​ Spamdexing. Spamdexing is​ the​ promotion of​ irrelevant,​ chiefly commercial,​ pages through various deceptive techniques and the​ abuse of​ the​ search algorithms. Unfortunately it​ often gets confused with white hat search engine optimization techniques,​ which do not involve deceit. Spamming involves getting websites more exposure than they deserve for their keywords,​ leading to​ unsatisfactory search results. Optimization involves getting websites the​ rank they deserve on​ the​ most targeted keywords,​ leading to​ satisfactory search experiences.

One example of​ spamdexing is​ link farming. Link farming can be basically defined as​ any group of​ web pages that all link to​ every other page in​ the​ group. Another common practice is​ listing popular keywords in​ fine print or​ in​ the​ same color as​ the​ background so they can’t be seen by users.

So how can you​ tell the​ difference between Black and White SEO practices?

A very easy way to​ distinguish between the​ two is​ though the​ amount of​ time involved in​ getting the​ desired results. White hat SEOs use methods that produce results slowly over time and only after a​ good deal of​ effort has been put into the​ site. Black hat SEOs offer you​ quick and easy results most,​ if​ not all,​ of​ which will obtained through deceptive practices.

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