Black Skin Care 03

Black Skin Care 03

Do you ever consider race as​ a​ factor in​ skin care? Well if​ not,​ then you should. the​ shade of​ your skin can play a​ part regarding what products suit you best. Take black skin care for example. Obviously black skin would require less protection from the​ sun than pale skin. Skin experts found this out long ago. Imagine what red heads go through each summer. Anyway,​ I ​ found out back in​ high school that black skin care was not the​ same as​ for other races. My buddies who were black would always carry lotion around in​ their book bags. at​ first I ​ thought this was utterly bizarre. I ​ always felt that lotion was a​ girl thing. Then one day when my friend was smearing it​ on​ his arms,​ I ​ asked him about it. He said they needed it​ so that their skin would not look ashy. Ah ha! Then it​ hit me. This made total sense.
When I ​ think of​ black skin care,​ I ​ tend to​ think more on​ the​ male side. This is​ what Im used to​ and have been exposed to​ through friends. Probably the​ largest issue that comes to​ mind regarding black skin care in​ my opinion is​ shaving. I ​ had no idea it​ was so tough for black men to​ grapple with the​ daily scruff. However,​ I ​ soon learned otherwise. in​ college I ​ noticed that a​ couple of​ my closest friends had terrible razor bumps. I ​ didnt really know why this was. I ​ hardly ever got razor bumps or​ ingrown hairs. And if​ I ​ did,​ it​ would only be like one or​ two at​ the​ most. I ​ hopped on​ the​ web at​ my college for a​ little information on​ black skin care and shaving. I ​ soon discovered that black men have much curlier and courser whiskers than other races. Shaving can cause them to​ curl up beneath the​ skins surface and cause razor bumps. Then I ​ looked online for solutions. I ​ knew that one of​ my buddies needed one badly because this affliction was damaging his confidence. I ​ came across a​ product called Tend Skin. This was supposed to​ remedy this dilemma in​ no time. I ​ then passed it​ on​ to​ my friend as​ a​ gift. These days he has no more razor bumps.
Its not that simple to​ find black skin care products in​ this white society we​ all share. Any fool can see that,​ regardless of​ their race. However,​ more and more are coming out now days. Check out the​ website Mensessentials. com,​ which caters to​ men specifically. They actually carry black skin care products that work well.

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