Black Hat SEO What Never To Do Or Get Banned

While there are many legitimate skills in​ SEO there are also those that can work but if​ you​ get caught using them the​ results can be disastrous. When search engine optimization became an​ issue many techniques were employed because at​ that point the​ search engines used a​ much simpler algorithm. as​ these tricks were used to​ exploit the​ simpler algorithms they were also served to​ make them more advanced. Let’s look at​ a​ few tricks.

Cloaking and redirects are methods whereby you​ show one page to​ the​ search engine but a​ different one to​ the​ visitor. a​ redirect merely brings visitors to​ one page and then sends them to​ another page by refreshing the​ page with one on​ their site. Cloaking involves fooling a​ search engine’s indexer into thinking that it​ is​ something else and getting the​ indexer to​ send false information back to​ its boss.

Other techniques involve overloading metatags with keywords or​ even hiding keywords in​ plain site on​ the​ webpage. a​ variation on​ this technique is​ to​ shrink the​ keywords so that are too small to​ be seen by the​ naked eye.

Using unrelated keywords is​ another trick especially when combined with the​ above mentioned tricks. By using unrelated keywords in​ this manner you​ can drive traffic to​ your site from multiple sources.

Using an​ overly optimized landing page can also work. This is​ not the​ same thing as​ a​ legitimate landing page. in​ this case you​ use any and all methods to​ overly optimize a​ single and use that to​ lead people to​ your site. This would involve using all of​ the​ above methods for this one page.

The ultimate penalty for using the​ unscrupulous methods is​ banishment from the​ search engines themselves. Be careful when you​ employ these dark methods for fear of​ this punishment. Being penalized is​ one thing but to​ not even be on​ a​ search engine in​ the​ first place is​ your worst case scenario.

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