Black Hat SEO Versus White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Versus White Hat SEO

Some call it​ a​ question of​ ethics; others just call it​ business. the​ discussion is​ raging online and in​ marketing conferences around the​ world,​ but what exactly are black hat SEO and white hat SEO,​ anyway?

White hat SEO is​ the​ angelic version of​ optimization,​ that is,​ it​ employs only techniques as​ recommended – or​ at​ least,​ not barred – by search engines and their ever-changing guidelines. Typically,​ results in​ the​ form of​ more traffic and higher profits take anywhere from three months to​ a​ year. With this type of​ SEO,​ there is​ no fear of​ your site being banned by search engines.

Black hat SEO,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ is​ the​ impatient fraternal twin of​ white hat SEO. it​ utilizes techniques specifically banned by search engines like hidden text and hidden links. Some call this spam. Others call it​ business savvy. Whatever you​ call it,​ if​ the​ search engine gurus figure out your game then the​ gig is​ up and you're blackballed. That means that you​ could type the​ name of​ your company and your name and business address into the​ search box and your site still won't come up.

It basically breaks down like this: White hat SEO focuses on​ marketing and the​ text on​ a​ site,​ updating with keyword rich,​ informative articles that benefit their clients and build a​ solid following over time. Black hat SEO focuses on​ technology and it​ tricks to​ get a​ ton of​ traffic right away.

The important thing to​ consider is​ what your goal is. Do you​ want high traffic or​ do you​ want high sales? With black hat SEO,​ you​ may get immediate results as​ far as​ visitors to​ your site but do these visitors want to​ buy what you​ have to​ offer? if​ not,​ who cares if​ they end up on​ your site? White hat SEO is​ more interested in​ targeted traffic,​ attracting the​ kind of​ visitors to​ your site who are actually looking for you​ and are ready to​ buy your products or​ services. Over time,​ your traffic and sales rise together as​ you​ build up a​ following through word of​ mouth and repeat customers.

So what's all the​ fuss about? Mostly,​ the​ rules. White hat SEO follows them meticulously. Black hat SEO follows the​ numbers instead. Those who take the​ time to​ research and follow the​ rules are irritated by those who achieve high search engine rankings without taking the​ same pains. However,​ black hat SEO proponents point out that search engine requests are hardly laws and therefore doing what they like is​ far from illegal. It's in​ this discussion that the​ white hat and black hat merge to​ become a​ grey hat.

In fact,​ white hat fanatics might charge that those who write articles specifically to​ utilize keyword repetition are manipulating the​ system and are dabbling in​ black hat SEO. the​ less fanatical may point to​ links as​ a​ grey area. Search engines don't want links on​ a​ site purely to​ drive traffic. However,​ if​ links are related to​ the​ content on​ the​ site,​ then that's okay. But what about those sites where there are paid links that have nothing whatsoever to​ do with the​ content of​ the​ site they grace? Paid links as​ advertisements are white hat. Paid links purely for driving traffic,​ black hat. True motivation of​ the​ webmaster? Grey hat.

When it​ comes down to​ it,​ everyone who utilizes search engines in​ hopes of​ gaining top rankings are going to​ use optimization in​ order to​ climb to​ the​ top of​ those rankings. if​ motivation is​ the​ only concern,​ then it​ is​ an​ issue of​ politics that need not take up your time. Just know that if​ you​ use technology,​ link farms,​ and other banned resources that are designed purely to​ drive traffic and you​ get caught,​ you​ will be blacklisted from the​ search engine. if​ it's worth the​ risk to​ you,​ then do what you​ have to​ do. the​ choice is​ yours.

Black Hat SEO Versus White Hat SEO

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