Birth Control And Cervical Cancer

Birth Control And Cervical Cancer

Birth Control and​ Cervical Cancer
People who are not ready to​ raise a​ family or​ don’t want to​ have anymore kids should practice birth control .​
For those who use birth control pills, you should be alarmed by a​ new study that shows that women who have taken it​ for​ a​ long time are at​ risk for​ developing cervical cancer .​

Cervical cancer happens to​ about 15,000 Americans .​
Of that that number, a​ little over a​ third will die from this disease while the​ rest can be treated thanks to​ its early detection using Pap tests .​
Women get cervical cancer from an​ infection known as​ the​ human papilloma virus or​ HPV through sexual intercourse .​
Most of​ the​ time, the​ body is​ able to​ fight it​ but researchers have discovered that more than half of​ the​ test group that has used oral contraceptives for​ more than 5 years are at​ risk of​ this disease .​
You won’t see any symptoms during the​ early stages of​ cervical cancer .​
This will only be seen later on as​ you experience continuous vaginal discharge that may be bloody, brown, pale, pink and​ foul smelling .​
It is​ also possible that there is​ abnormal vaginal bleeding when you have a​ period, after intercourse or​ during post menopause .​
Another possibility could be heavier and​ longer lasting periods .​
The researchers who conducted the​ study did not really explain why or​ how pills increase the​ risk of​ this form of​ cancer .​
It merely said it​ did and​ when other people read the​ findings, the​ only conclusion they could think of​ was the​ fact the​ since the​ women in​ the​ study were on the​ pill, this made them more sexually active .​
There is​ nothing wrong with being sexually active but if​ you have multiple partners, there is​ a​ chance that one of​ them could be a​ carrier of​ this kind of​ sexually transmitted disease .​
But there are those who disagree with the​ findings .​
Other studies have shown that the​ practice of​ birth control especially the​ use of​ pills decreases the​ chances of​ women from ever being diagnosed with ovarian cancer .​
To be safe, women are advised to​ undergo regular screenings like the​ Pap test .​
Women under the​ age of​ 30 should go to​ the​ clinic annually while those who are older should have this done every two to​ three years .​
Birth control methods also have other risks aside from cervical cancer .​
These include high blood pressure, liver tumors, breast cancer .​
The more common side effects that you will encounter are nausea, breakthrough bleeding or​ spotting, breast tenderness, mood chances, decreased sex drive, weight gain, vaginal discharge, cervical changes and​ gallbladder disease.
But not all birth control methods available do have side effects .​
Abstaining and​ outercourse which is​ the​ opposite of​ intercourse are still considered to​ be the​ most effective as​ the​ sperm never meets the​ egg .​
For those who can’t control their urges and​ want to​ get physical, they can rely on the​ condom since the​ only possible problems could be skin irritation and​ if​ your sexual partner is​ allergic to​ the​ latex version .​
Until private companies are able to​ develop a​ better birth control pill or​ device that does not have side effects or​ increase the​ risk of​ cancer or​ any other disease, these are things that both men and​ women have to​ live with when they want to​ get some action .​

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