Bigstring Com Is The Coolest Email In The World

Bigstring Com Is The Coolest Email In The World is​ The Coolest Email In The World
Ask Darin Myman about an​ email that should never have been sent, and he likely will tell you about a​ friend who was caught cheating on his wife when she examined the contents of​ his sent email .​
Of course Darin himself, like almost everyone who uses email regularly, must have made his own email mistakes - perhaps a​ wrong attachment, a​ wrong email address (autofill is​ a​ convenience, but you really have to​ pay attention!), unintentional use of​ 'reply all', or​ indiscreet contents that might be regretted only nanoseconds after clicking the 'send' button .​
But even though his mistakes may not have experienced the same degree of​ consequences as​ his red-handed friend's, they were enough to​ inspire Darin to​ do something about the problem, and that is​ how he came up with the idea for BigString.
BigString Corporation ( now offers BigString 3.0, a​ web-based email service that gives the user control over sent mail - even once the mail is​ delivered to​ the recipient .​ webmail service is​ the only service that offers this .​
This type of​ feature is​ already familiar to​ users of​ certain email services, such as​ AOL mail .​
In AOL, however - as​ in​ any other mail system - this can only be done within the AOL network (i.e .​
if​ the recipient is​ also using an​ AOL address) and only if​ the email is​ not opened .​
However, the idea that you could reach out to​ a​ different server and snatch back your errant emails at​ any time, from any place, is​ a​ function that was not available until now .​
The name 'BigString' deliberately evokes an​ image of​ a​ long string, attached to​ your sent emails, that you can pull on to​ yank back an​ email that you should never have sent .​
Of course this is​ a​ transparent process - composing and sending an​ email is​ just like doing so in, say, Yahoo Mail or​ Gmail, except that the sender can also choose different security options .​
Also like its well-known competitors, BigString 3.0 includes traditional email features, such as: Sticky Notes, Automatic Message Highlighting, Calendar, Advanced Message Sorting and Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering .​
Under the covers, though, it's actually more like sending out the end of​ the string, while you keep the email contents, retaining the ability to​ cut the string and remove access to​ any secure material from the outside world .​
BigString has clearly given some thought to​ the various ways that this technology might be used .​
One option is​ to​ have an​ email 'self-destruct' (along with your choice of​ visual effects, such as​ a​ little bonfire) after a​ certain amount of​ time, or​ after having been read a​ certain number of​ times .​
Or, you can specify that the email is​ non-forwardable, non-printable, or​ non-savable .​
This can help ensure that the embarrassing video you sent to​ a​ friend doesn't end up posted on YouTube .​
You can make he email trackable, so you know if​ and when it​ been opened and forwarded .​
And most intriguing of​ all, you can edit mail after it​ has been sent, or​ substitute one attachment for another .​
This feature is​ especially useful for emails that have time-sensitive price quotes, business offers or​ dated legal material.
Free video email is​ another offering on's long list of​ great free features .​ offers all of​ its users a​ free video email forum where people can send out audio/visual greetings and messages to​ anyone and any webmail service throughout the world .​
This is​ a​ fun feature that is​ also hard to​ come by for free.
Secure email is​ a​ natural feature for BigString to​ offer .​
Our customers, both consumer and businesses alike, have told us that they want even greater email security and control for their sensitive correspondence, says Darin .​
With our Three Layer Secure email, we are enabling the sender to​ have that additional control and security .​
Now users can freely communicate via email with their lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers or​ anyone they want to​ send sensitive, personal or​ proprietary information without the worry that it​ will be seen or​ forwarded to​ anyone but the intended recipient .​
Their confidential emails will stay confidential.
BigString, like many webmail services, provides its users with a​ free email account and a​ free email address, including a​ generous 4 Gb of​ storage .​
It also provides the ability to​ send free embedded video emails up to​ 10 minutes in​ length, a​ feature not available with most other free email services .​
In addition, there are certain premium services targeted at​ small business and more demanding users .​
For a​ low monthly fee, BigString offers users the ability to​ increase their Video Email capabilities and storage capacity .​
Small businesses can set up their own email system (10 email accounts and up) using the BigString email service, which is​ POP3 compatible to​ allow its use with email clients such as​ Outlook .​
Premium customers can also add video email marketing tools.
Darin's inspiration to​ protect himself from indiscretions (like the one that tripped up his friend with the marital infidelity problem) has yielded a​ product that will be useful to​ anyone who values privacy, security, and freedom from one more of​ modern life's worries.

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