Big Ticket To Wealth And Passport To Wealth

Big Ticket to​ Wealth and​ Passport to​ Wealth
Passport to​ Wealth is​ a​ fairly new company in​ the​ home business arena .​
Passport to​ Wealth offers a​ home business opportunity by selling or​ marketing their products through the​ direct selling industry .​
The Passport to​ Wealth product line is​ compiled of​ many software titles on internet marketing .​
The Passport to​ Wealth opportunity consists of​
marketing these programs for​ $997 .​
According to​ the​ website, there are several different titles of​ software that come with the​ business.
Passporttowealth is​ a​ passup program!
The Passport to​ Wealth business opportunity contains a​ 2-Up compensation plan with a​ payout of​ $997 for​ every sale made by the​ qualified affiliate .​
The issue with the​ Passport compensation plan is​ the​ requirement of​ two sales (hence 2-Up) .​
To get started with Passport to​ Wealth, a​ new person must pay $997 to​ become an​ Passport business associate and​ then give up almost $2000 ($997 x 2) from their first two qualifying sales to​ their qualified sponsor .​
This means they must give up almost $3000 before they can earn any wealth from the​ program .​
Another issue with the​ Passport to​ Wealth 2-Up program is​ that if​ you bring in​ someone who makes a​ sale or​ two per day, you only get their first 2 sales and​ then you no longer get paid on their efforts .​
They then breakaway from the​ sponsor and​ actually end up becoming the​ competition .​
This doesn't give the​ qualified Passport to​ Wealth sponsoring associate much motivation to​ help the​ new associate since they will ultimately become competition .​
By giving your profits from your first two sales will give you director status .​
They are called training, or​ qualifying sales .​
Then that 3rd sale you make will start the​ money making process for​ you .​
Lets say that 3rd sale makes their 2 qualifying sales .​
The money from those two sales go directly to​ you .​
Then those 2 people make their qualifying
sales .​
The money from those 4 sales will go to​ you! It will keep going, their are no limits .​
Think about that what about the​ sales that you passed up .​
What if​ they are a​ seasoned marketer and​ make millions, you have just passed that all up.
Bigtickettowealth is​ a​ matching override program!
Big Ticket to​ Wealth is​ not a​ passup program .​
You dont loose your first couple of​ sales, they stay with you .​
if​ that person needs you for​ anything you are there for​ them, because you want to​ help them because what they make you also make (matching override) .​
Now that is​ the​ ticket
to wealth as​ far as​ I​ am concerned .​
We also have all of​ the​ training material in​ our back office that you can use .​
We have tactics for​ the​ beginner as​ well as​ the​ seasoned marketer .​
Another plus for​ Bigtickettowealth is​ we will give you a​ free trip just for​ watching one of​ our daily webinars .​
if​ you have your people come and​ join the​ webinar the​ CEO Gerald Van Yerxa will answer any question that he or​ she may have .​
We all love to​ travel to​ the​ ends of​ the​ earth, so if​ you come and​ watch this webinar and​ get the​ five digit number you will be eligible for​ this free trip.
Freedom Does that sound good?
What do you look for​ when you look to​ make a​ living from home? is​ it​ to​ wake up to​ an​ alarm clock every morning? Do you look forward to​ making daily cold calls to​ prospects that aren’t really interested in​ your product or​ business? Do you want to​ feel like you need to​ push your
friends to​ buy from you? No? Obviously not all types of​ home businesses are for​ everyone .​
How about something that lets you work on your own time schedule? Without putting in​ much effort, you’d be able to​ see large financial rewards? Wouldn’t it​ be nice to​ continue making money while on vacation? of​ course for​ something like this to​ work effectively you need some sort of​ product .​
Once you join, you receive access to​ $100,000's worth of​ software, wealth creation resources, and​ a​ library just for​ you .​
All of​ which can be yours at​ three different levels .​
National Membership - $797, Executive Membership - $1197, Presidential membership - $1997 .​
Your commissions are paid depending on what level you join .​
You also get
that residual monthly income from each person that joins under you .​
Thanks for​ reading and​ God Bless each reader.

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